Realtors are Lining up for the Celebrity Agent System by Zale Media

2016 was the launch of Zale Media LLC, a marketing agency built with realtor DNA to serve realtors. Founded by Nathan Zale, a struggling realtor out of Chicago Illinois, hunting for leads to put bread on the table with his business.  Nathan struck gold with a system he created that ended that hunt forever, providing him with his pickings of qualified buyer and seller leads daily. It was like his very own chocolate box selection of leads, and not the cheap kind. The finest selection of leads ready to put down a deposit or pay in cash as soon as you say how. 

After proving the system on himself, he then enhanced the formula, naming it “The Celebrity Agent System” – underneath their websites welcome video of the system stating “Success isn’t born, it’s made. To us, success is a science. We don’t believe in luck, fate or magic — only hard work & data. Our proprietary client acquisition system The Celebrity Agent™ & IPL Technology™ has revolutionized the real estate industry enabling agents & teams to systemize their client acquisition efforts while also developing a wide & vast net of influence on & offline in their local communities.”

It’s through the new heights of commissions you reach and widespread influence you gain as a user of their system you go from the regular agent anyone can find to celebrity agent everyones looking for, meaning, leads start chasing you not the other way around. 

Talking about influence, this is Influencive and Zale Media walk the talk, having influence over the U.S real estate industry themselves. New agencies are popping up left, right and centre studying Zale Media, trying to take a piece of the pie and help realtors, most not doing a great job and tarnishing the reputation of sincere agencies like Zale Media, but their only second hand copies of the pioneers themselves, worth not a glimpse of attention – At least that’s our opinion and the opinion of many of the 1,000+ Celebrity Agent System users. Further evidence of this being Zale are allegedly receiving over a 100 long person queue of requests per day regarding their system, no shock given they’ve now crossed well over 7 figures in commissions generated. 

We asked Zale Media why it is they’ve achieved the influence they’ve achieved within the real estate industry…

Zale Media’s Answer: We amassed such influence across the industry due to the respect we’ve earned with our customers. When Nathan Zale started his real estate career he did so with a minuscule amount of start up money. Struggling for leads he looked into hiring a don for his agency, however, the retainers were rather large – ridiculous almost, and with no promise of seeing at least his money back the following month, it was impossible for Nathan to go through with. Since the launch of Zale Media this is a common occurrence we see amongst new realtors, thus making the growth of their early career rather tough. 

Hence why we brought to the market an elite system at an affordable price for new and seasoned agents. Having such influence has allowed us to work with 1,000 + confirmed agents allowing us to perfect our product and customers’ experience. 

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