Redefining Self-Care and Confidence to Rekindle the ‘Glow’ in Life: A Guide by Georgia Rex

How often have you shied away from candidly expressing yourself at a dinner party or found yourself snuggling in sheets with a giant bar of chocolate just to sweep away your feelings under the carpet? In such situations, we are mostly advised to eat something comforting and simply “get over it.”

Perhaps, this approach can unplug your problems for a few hours but would push you back to square one in a later phase. And unfortunately, this time “getting over” will become an uphill climb! Georgia Rex, a Health & Wellness Coach emphasizes how it’s easy to feel optimistic, healthy and confident even during such phases of life.

She is one of the growing entrepreneurs in the wellness industry who have successfully mentored numerous women and empowered them to discover their inner glow and ultimate journey to happiness. She has dedicated her last 7 years of experience to explore insights about the wellness and personal development industry.

Her approaches and tools focus on eliminating the stumbling blocks in your mind and body. Known for her personalised approaches, she believes in curating her solutions for distinct clients and their problems.

So what’s next for her? Health, self-love and inner GLOW is the new cool. While it is common for one to feel drained amidst the rapid demands of growing hustle, Georgia knows how to get things done right! Delving herself into the self-love and wellness journey, this new-age entrepreneur and a certified yoga teacher have discovered the radiance that unfolds from confidence, good health and rich nutrition. And that is what her upcoming program is all about!

GLOW is a 4-week program that will help women in discovering the “good vibe queen” inside them. Over the course, the program will get you acquainted with the confidence you strive for, approaches that help you achieve your life goals and self-care processes that tune your mental and physical wellbeing.

To dive a little deeper, knowing your body and mind can be a game-changer, and this program will further help you in achieving that. You’ll learn to move mindfully and eat mindfully, you’ll deeply explore your body cycles and wise nutrition habits. Overall, this transformational 4-week program is a perfect ‘bundle of guidance’ that a woman needs for smashing their life goals!

So whatever you are striving to achieve, there are coaches like Georgia who are making it happen! From helping women break free from “strict diets” to promoting self-care, she is currently addressing the issues related to health, careers, confidence, relationships and body cycles.

She says, “My passion is to share my journey of self-care and self-confidence with every woman out there. It’s important to talk about the reasons that are holding us back, and it’s more important to work on those problems for clearing the hazy mirrors to reflect a new and better you.”

Georgia has hit the ground running with her coaching tools that redefine feminine energy. While she aims to ring the changes by teaching women to listen to their bodies, she is ready with various insightful tools for nurturing self-love, spirituality and self-confidence. Her AMAZING 1-1 coaching programme is expected to launch later on in the year.

No one can understand a woman better than their own selves, and Georgia’s methods would make sure that you are accomplishing that!

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