Redheemaa AKA Ridhimaa Gupta, Acting Comes Through Her Heart.

Redheemaa aka Ridhimaa Gupta has range. In the last couple of months, the young bold actress fashionista has appeared in multiple music videos like Rang Rasiya, revealing Indian Traditions by Rani Hazarika and Munde Muk Gaye by Teenu Arora.

The discerning approach toward her career depicts her dedication to acting and a natural self-confidence which is paving her way towards success.

“When I’m on the sets, I’m not me. It’s a professional Redheemaa who glides on the sound of “ACTION”. Acting comes to me naturally through my heart”, says the writer and fitness freak.

Born and raised in Delhi, Redheemaa moved to Mumbai to pursue acting. Her career plan is to nail a few things first and then she would focus on the one that she does the best. She wants to play all the roles. Action would be her preferred genre, but she is cool with drama and romance too.

Her fans have been pursuing her diverse talents since her initial days and she has not disappointed them.

Humility is her core value, which she preserves and nurtures. This supernatural virtue of Humility makes her character glow. When asked How does she stay Humble, Redheemaa says, “Humility is freedom for me. Only a humble person can be free from his own vices. Kill the Ego before it kills you”!

Redheemaa is keenly awaiting for the release of her 2 new albums (unnamed). She enthusiastically describes the albums as classy and fun. Her fans are fervent for more.

Redheemaa connects with her fans on her Instagram :

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