Reeve Yew Shares His Success Story as a Digital Marketing and Funnel Expert

Lack of money shouldn’t stop you from working toward your dream. This is perfectly embodied by Reeve Yew, a self-taught web development specialist. Since his early teenage years, he showcased an unwavering passion for web development. He decided to teach himself how to code because he didn’t have enough money to enroll in a professional course.

One of his first ventures was to create an online store that sold imported products from China. He did this when he was only 15 years old, netting him a handsome profit of $2,500 a month. This was just the beginning for Reeve, who continued to refine his digital skillset.  

Building the Foundations of Future Success

Reeve continued finding a way to turn his web development skills into something that would help him generate money to sustain his education. Thanks to his prior experience in building websites and online stores, he began creating landing pages for international clients. In just 3 months, he raked in $27,302 in profits.

It wasn’t all smooth-sailing for Reeve, however. He had to learn this the hard way. During the course of building landing pages, he fell into an empty box scam, losing a significant amount of money in the process. Reeve had to borrow $5,000 from his parents to start his own talent outsourcing website. Unfortunately, the site failed to generate income so he had to shut it down.

He, along with his brother, Jackson Yew, founded Funnel Duo Media. Fortunately, there was no looking back for Reeve and his brother after that. Today, their company makes a consistent 6-figure revenue every month.

The Growth of Funnel Duo Media

Reeve’s newfound success earned him a spot as a member of the Forbes Business Council in 2020. When asked about Funnel Duo Media, Reeve said, “Our main focus is building landing pages. That’s how we started and that’s what we will continue to do. We have also expanded our services to business consultation and tailor-made marketing strategies. It has been our utmost pleasure to work with the likes of Brad Lea, Frank Kern, Mike Dillard, and many more.”

Over the years, Reeve has had the opportunity to speak about his pursuit of success and how he established such a huge digital empire. He believes that it would inspire upcoming web development enthusiasts to follow his path and become successful in their careers. His expertise in digital marketing, automating online businesses, and developing landing pages is something that the world wants to know more about.

Reeve has already talked about his expertise alongside Brian Tracy, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mark Joyner, and Kevin Harrington. His words of wisdom have already helped more than 41,786 students, giving them a clearer picture of what it takes to start and scale their business. One of his students began making over $12k just one month after implementing the ideas that Reeve had shared.

It will take hours to go on with the stories of Reeve and his accomplishments. But the fact that he has achieved so much in such a short period is nothing short of impressive. He continues to find growth opportunities for his company and finds time to help budding entrepreneurs whenever he can.

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