Rek Banga’s New Album Goes Top 10 on iTunes Chart

A Plus Muzic Group is proud to celebrate the success of RekBanga’s new album Banganattii

Exploding into the iTunes Top Ten Hip Hop chart, Rek Bangais fast becoming an artist that is dominating the global rap stage. Building on the success of 2021’s standout hit with CoiLeray titled Gimmy Licky, Banganatti is Rek Banga’s fourth studio album that cements his reputation as a rapper on fire.

Also known as Dahoodrockstar, Rek was born in Brooklyn New York before relocating to New Jersey where he is known as the undisputed king. Accumulating nearly 2 million streams on Spotify alone, he is unquestionably an artist that has stamped his authority on the scene. Brandishing his trademark red natty dreads, everything he delivers is accompanied by an attitude that speaks to his world.

Banganattii itself is a 13-track masterpiece of laid back Hip-Hop and rap grooves. Word play and a skilled authentic flow tell the story of an artist at the top of their game. With an East Coast energy that underpins the whole narrative, the album is complex and even borrows from some classic pop of the 80s. From the opening moments on the first track Welcome Home Rek to the brilliant closing of Rockstar Language, every single track is an astounding portrayal of lyrical bravery.

Sitting ably amongst its musical cousins, Spaghetti is already establishing itself as the standout track on the album. From coast to coast, Rek Banga has produced a song that is quickly approaching a million plays. As the man says, “He’s gonnapush all your buttons”, with some biting rhymes, a bombastic bass and a fun hook.

The pandemic stopped many in their tracks, but Rek used the time to perfect his reputation and spread his star far and wide. Regularly touring the tri-state area, he worked tirelessly to showcase his talent to a growing legion of fans. That hard work has paid off and now he stands comfortably alongside his peers.

Rek Banga has arrived, of that there is no doubt. Check him out as he bangs his own drum from the club to the street. Discover Banganattii as well as an artist that stand the test of time.

Track List

1. Welcome Home Rek
2. Spaghetti
3. Talk To The Moon
4. Transition 2 Fame
5. Wop Jus Pulled
6. Patrik Star (Ft. Shawny Binladen)
7. Stay Dangerous
8. Fell In Love Wit a Opp Bitch
9. El Patron
10. Lauryn Hill
11. Lot To Lose
12. Melody
13. Rockstar Language

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