Rekha Mangal – A Role Model for all Women who Dream Big

Rekha Mangal, a well-known award-winning makeup artist from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is not only an inspiring makeup artist but also a well-known humanitarian. She is known for her makeup artistry and abilities, and she has earned a reputation for being exceptional at what she does.

Rekha, who married at 19, was one of the young women who wanted to follow her ambitions by decorating those around her. “I’ve always enjoyed glamming up any of my family with haircuts, drapes, and a plethora of lipsticks and compact powders,” she continues.

Rekha, a studious and aspiring IAS officer, was turned into the cosmetics specialist she is now because of a lucky break and a passion of beauty and aesthetics. Being a well-known cosmetic artist in Indore with 23 years of expertise and a wealth of knowledge, the way she has established her career and raised her children with the proper rites is very impressive.

Her hard work and dedication earned her the position of first female President of the Rotary Club in 2018, where she spearheaded several social initiatives. She also sponsored a village girl’s school by giving sanitary vending machines, donating surgical machines to eye hospitals, and has shown the true meaning of hard work and dedication by adding feathers to her headgear.

She has been named “Mrs Smart Shrimati Indore,”, “Best Makeup Artist of Indore at Global Business Awards 2019” and “Best Magnificent President at Rotary Club Indore.”

Rekha Mangal is an expert in various types of beauty looks, but her speciality is bridal and special event makeup. Rather than producing a phoney artificial image, she believes in bringing out the girls’ natural beauty. Although she has progressed well beyond her initial interest, the original driving factor that drew her into this field remains the same.

Bobbi Brown, Huda Beauty, Chanel, Dior, and other high-end brands are among the cosmetic weapons she wields. The talented makeup artist does not limit herself to a single brand because it limits her originality and artwork.

Rekha’s makeup isn’t about concealing flaws. She never tries to conceal or alter someone’s look; instead, she strives to enhance physical attractiveness while also highlighting inner beauty. She’s also listed in a list of the finest makeup artists.

Rekha’s domination in the field of hair and make-up has finally paid off, as seen by the vast list of affiliations she’s accumulated. She sees her accomplishments and learning as a never-ending process, and she aspires to make the next one even better!

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