Relief for Teachers, Fun for Students: This Edtech Venture Provides Value Added Education Globally

Live Learning, an online educational start-up, is a first-of-its kind web based application which enables teachers to teach at per their convenience and at the same time allows students to browse through a list of teachers and choose accordingly, based on their subject preference and varied interests.

“The quintessential pillar of establishing Live Learning was to offer teachers as many resources and tools, that are easy to handle and operate so that they can personalize teaching. Something that is a bit difficult to achieve in classrooms. When a student logs into a teaching session at Live Learning, he/she gets the undivided attention of a teacher. The teaching sessions can be made fun with various integrations that we offer”,​ ​says Krishna Gupta, Founder and CEO of Live Learning.

Live Learning has gathered the attention of teachers across the globe. Classes on this platform range from yoga sessions to python. Live Learning provides a unique blend of tools and resources that assist teachers to provide lessons without any hassle. It provides easy integration with Google, Stripe, Spotify, PayPal. This helps students to easily enroll into classes of their choice and begin learning with various other tools that make their entire experience friendly and informative.

The ultimate priority of Live Learning is to make a difference in the lives of teachers and education in general. The platform has now completed providing 1000 hours of teaching to more than 1000 students through 100 listed teachers. Live Learning aims to take a teacher’s learning and give it a global platform. With no boundaries, free Internet services and advanced technology, it is possible to teach children from around the world and help towards global education.
The web based applications accessible on any smart device is constantly innovating to provide the best possible education experience. AI and deep learning algorithms are aimed at providing an in- depth analysis of teaching data, education statistics and student behavior understanding.

The features and range of Live Learning are well in tune with the Sustainable Development Goal (4) of the United Nations. It’s tools and resources favor ‘inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning opportunities for all.’

A teacher who has been teaching via Live Learning for a while stated,​ ​”The Dashboard really is a huge asset because it’s like the online version of classroom management. It’s not like you’re walking around the classroom and saying, “Sit down! Stop talking!”, but rather you are asking yourself, “Are the kids progressing?” If I see a kid has not made progress, I investigate. I connect with the child personally. It is really helpful!”

Setting up a teacher’s account on Live Learning takes a few seconds by following three simple steps. It is also the first web application to offer a simple “Payment Getaway” feature. Teachers can charge for their classes, keep track of their earnings and receive money directly in their account. For students, it provides an optimized video calling, anytime, anywhere. It promotes the anywhere learning attitude that is required, now more than ever.

Krishna Gupta​ further adds, “​Research shows that when teachers are stress free, the environment of the classroom and students automatically changes to deliver benefits. A stress free, easy and simple teaching method facilitates that. Live Learning is an attempt to do that. Our education stakeholders, especially teachers deserve the best!”

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