Remote Work Leader Olumide Gbenro Shares How to Build Authentic and Engaging Online Communities

Remote work leader and community builder Olumide Gbenro runs multiple businesses from the island of Bali, in Indonesia and known for his world-class expertise in curating communities for digital nomads – both online and offline.

His online events and summits have reached thousands of remote workers and digital nomads by providing mentorship, guidance and connection amongst many location independent entrepreneurs around the world.

Gbenro shares 3 key insights on how to create a community-driven business that fosters engagement and retains its high-quality members all from your living room couch, from your laptop.

Start with a strong and clear purpose.

The overall goal of the community is key to scaling and attracting the right crowd.

“Be sure to communicate with your community exactly what it is you stand for – such as what are your values and all of your non-negotiable’s.

This will bind your crew together even further because you begin to share similar values and ethos. Then you will find that those who don’t share the same values and ethos will leave, leaving you with high-quality and highly engaged members.” 

Identify your key leaders.

Successful communities begin with leaders who possess powerful leadership skills.

Gbenro encourages leaders to find and identify in the group a few key leaders who are able to provide further refinement of expectations and add as much value as possible.

“As the main founder your goal should not just be to delegate, but to find other leaders in the group who can help you facilitate conversations, events, and technical details to help everything run smoothly and seamlessly.” 

Provide unlimited value on a regular basis.

To grow a fostering community he believes leaders have to keep up the value on a regular basis.

“Running a free masterclass each month is great and all, but to go that extra mile, perhaps inviting a highly-respected guest or notable figure into your class, one so powerful that the group will never forget it. It’s hard to always give value but you have to show them you are constantly trying to reach a high standard in everything you do”.

Gbenro is the founder of Globoversity, a live skill-share community for remote entrepreneurs. A global hub designed to support people in learning, networking, and socializing.

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