Rene Lacad: Proving Work Ethic is the Most Powerful Weapon in His Arsenal

Rene Lacad is living proof that work ethic is the most powerful weapon in his arsenal. A self-proclaimed “college dropout without a plan,” Lacad went from zero to 20 million— dollars, that is—by learning a craft and sticking with it.

Lacad made his mark working at two Fortune 500 companies and mentoring for Tai Lopez’s marketing department with no formal education. With this exceptional experience under his belt, Lacad was primed to launch Lacadvertisement, his advertising agency.

Lacadvertisement has made quite a splash, partnering with over 20 businesses and generating that hefty 20 million in online revenue. But his ad agency is not the only thing Lacad is up to these days. 

At age 25, Lacad is considered one of the best social media personalities. Others seek his help based on his accomplishments, such as amassing 600K followers on Tik Tok and nearly 100K on Instagram. What’s his secret? Lacad isn’t afraid to put it all out there. By putting his lifestyle and personal events in front of the camera, Lacad keeps it real. And it’s no secret that he attracts attention with his honest transparency and genuine demeanor.

That demeanor has developed from humble beginnings. Raised by a single immigrant mother in West Covina, a suburb of Los Angeles, Lacad and his younger brother didn’t have it easy. But Lacad would tell you, every moment of his journey led him to his current success. And without some struggles and knowing he could push through hard times, Lacad might never have developed the grit it took to become an entrepreneur and industry icon.

With notable clients such as LesRuches, Pso-Rite, Handlelife, and Unlimitter and partnerships with @dribble2much and @joshpalerlin, Lacad keeps attracting attention. His rags to riches story has served as an inspiration to millions of his followers on social media. Rene Lacad is the living, breathing essence of the American Dream, proving that magic happens when hard work and talent collide.

An apparent success, Lacad strives to help others reach their potential as well, and he cautions people that their success will take time and have challenges. Although it seems Lacad’s journey was a fast-track to success, he didn’t just start working for big seven and 8-figure companies right away. 

When Lacad left college at the end of his first semester, he got a job selling cars and started to make his plan. He knew he needed to develop and perfect his skills. Meanwhile, selling cars was part of his training. In this position, Lacad gained valuable people skills and learned how to present information efficiently and professionally. He also learned to negotiate.

It’s no surprise that Lacad became a top-performer at the dealership. But he knew selling cars was not his end-all. He had bigger aspirations—and then he met internet entrepreneur Tai Lopez, the industry guru-educator on how to start and grow online businesses.

When an opportunity arose for Lacad to work for Lopez, his experience grew even further. Lacad was gaining crucial skills for his solo venture, Lacadvertisment. With an array of experiences completed, Lacad knew the time was right to make it on his own—and he’s never looked back.

These days, Lacad is forging full-steam ahead and taking social media by storm. And while an onlooker might think his path has been quick and easy, Lacad would tell you otherwise. His success is the combination of will + drive + experience + work ethic. These attributes all add up to an undeniable talent that sends a clear message to us all: You are what you think you are. And if you think you are a success, you need to make it happen.

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