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Renowned Videographer JLShotThat Talks Monumental Moments in Life and Seeing Mainstream Success

He knew he had to do something, which is where he had the idea of having to “step up” came from.

“I immediately found a passion for shooting music videos, being that I’ve been in the field for so long,” JL said in a recent interview.

Safe to say that things paid off, as his tenacity and spirit of never giving up has made a profitable career for him. And as he always says, never give up, “no matter the circumstances, as long as you give it your all, you can’t lose.”

“The ability to never give up is a skill of its own in my opinion,” he stated. “Of course the visuals my team and I produce is always a plus.”

Now, at this point in his career, JL has collaborated with some of New York’s best and brightest artists, with plans in the future to open his production company, Visionary Vision Studio, as well as directing his first Youtube series, set to be airing soon.

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In the meantime, scope out JLShotThat’s work on Fivio Foreign’s visual for “JUMPIN” here.

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