Renzie Richardson Uses her Past to Help Others with Their Futures in Business

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Renzie Richardson, Founder, and CEO of the BHFL Group, has been transforming entrepreneurs into CEOs for over 20 years, impacting over 500 lives and organizations. Now, she is pivoting from one-on-one consulting into more group coaching-style programs. 

Richardson is introducing a 12-step signature coaching program called, Mind Your Business Now, pairing her years of experience with a focus on uplifting women and minority-owned businesses because that is what she wished she had when she first left her 9-5 job.

Richardson has a warm, no-nonsense tone that she uses to help people set themselves up to move into C-suite leadership positions. Her goal is to fill the void many budding entrepreneurs face between their current statuses and becoming fully-fledged CEOs. She aims to help people understand how ‘who they are’ relates to their businesses.

“Your business is you, and you are your business,” she said. “How do the two link together? If you are dysfunctional in your personal life, your business is going to be dysfunctional.”

The next piece of Richardson’s puzzle is leadership.

“A lot of small businesses are great at what they do,” said Richardson. “But they lack a foundation in leadership, and that can make or break their venture.”

Interested individuals can take Richardson’s online assessment to begin the process by booking a call. This assessment vets her potential clients to ensure that they are a good fit for her program and help them feel confident that her services are a good fit for them.

“From starting an entrepreneur journey to shifting into being the CEO of an enterprise – knowing how to grow and scale a business – there’s a huge void in that space,” she said. “That void is the space that I’m in. I help people understand how to go from working a gig to being a real CEO.”

Richardson desires to sustain the small businesses in side-walk communities because that supports the infrastructure, economics, churches, and schools therein. She maintains that creating jobs in those communities gives you an opening and credibility to change policies that affect women and minorities.

“I love what I do. It’s my passion. At the end of the day, for me, it’s about creating jobs and sustaining a community ecosystem. I love helping minorities and women. When you create jobs, you have a seat at the table to invoke change and a ripple effect of good outcomes. All businesses are not cookie-cutter, and people’s wirings are never the same.

I tap into understanding human behavior and use that leverage to tap into their strengths,” she said. “I look for a baseline when I coach to understand how each individual is wired. Some people are very logical, but some are very heart-centered, so I have to understand which approach to take.”

Richardson is also passionate about how psychological and emotional intelligence can help us.

“I love stuff about the brain. We are all wired in terms of our preferences. How we think, how our experiences shape our interactions, and how we interact with our surroundings. There are four quadrants. ‘Logicals’ like facts and bottom line thinkers. ‘Feelers’ lead with their heart, ‘Organizers” want a plan and likes to anticipate outcomes, and  ‘Visionaries’ are innovative and creators,” she stated. “We can function in all four quadrants, but we have a preference to function in one over the other three because it is innate.”

Late Life Reality Check

Richardson started her business out of necessity.

“As you grow out of the ranks and into leadership positions, you hit that threshold where you either stay or breakthrough to that senior leadership level,” she said. “Maybe it was me not understanding how to play the game, but I didn’t want to be a people pleaser anymore. So I asked myself, ‘Do I stay here, unhappy and unhealthy, or do I move on?’”

Before she could answer that question, Richardson ended up in the emergency room. She was literally removed from the office where she worked on a stretcher because her stress level was so high. Richardson didn’t realize it at the time, but she had been a victim of bullying. The doctors in the emergency room wanted to put her on high blood pressure medicine, but she sought out a second opinion.

Her next doctor was from Africa, and he asked Richardson, “Why are you here?”, When Richardson explained her episode, the doctor’s response was, “You don’t need medicine. You need the courage to fly.”

And try she did. The fear almost paralyzed her, but she was convinced that everything would fall into place. She left her job and state of Alabama with nothing but a mantra:

“There’s prosperity in abundance just like all the leaves on the tree,” which she repeated to herself on a daily basis.

Richardson took control and never looked back, and now she seeks to help women, business owners, and budding entrepreneurs take control of their lives, their businesses, and their futures.

About Renzie Richardson

Renzie Richardson is the Founder and CEO of the BHFL Group and the new 12-Step Signature Coaching Program. She has helped over 500 clients bridge the void from start-up entrepreneur to CEO. Click here to learn more about her signature offer: 

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