Resilience CBD Helps Athletes Climb Their Personal Everest

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is a natural chemical extracted from the hemp plant that is proven to ease chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and other medical conditions. The CBD industry has grown exponentially since its legalization in 2018, resulting in a boom of product start-ups and health movements.

Despite their fruitful competition, Resilience CBD has continued to influence the industry with their unique mission. The CBD-based product company was founded by two U.S. military veterans. After easing the physical and psychological effects of their military service with CBD products, the former Navy Seal and Army Captain were inspired to launch their own business.

Resilience CBD does not just aim to alleviate pain with their products, but they also help their consumers achieve their goals and enhance their life.

All About CBD Products

Resilience CBD’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC and is non-psychoactive—it solely works to improve active performance and encourage healing. The oil is designed for the everyday athlete who tends to push their body to its limits.

The Isolate CBD Oil also enhances movement and healing, but contains 0 percent THC and only four isolated ingredients. Both oils can be consumed orally, with citrus and lemon flavors.

For topical use, the CBD Sports Cream and CBD Body Lotion provide heating, cooling, and nourishing effects that soothe pain and aid muscle recovery.  You can also integrate CBD into your bathing products with the Revive Bath Bomb and Recover Bath Bomb.

Each of these products have been third-party lab tested to ensure quality, and can help consumers increase stamina, sharpen mental focus, and stimulate recovery.

Why Resilience CBD Stands Out

According to The New York Times, CBD product businesses are projected to hit $16 billion in U.S. revenue by 2025. Resilience CBD stands out in this thriving industry through The Give & Rise Project. 

After purchasing your first product, The Give & Rise Project allows you to extend a free Resilience product to a friend or loved-one that would benefit from joining the community.

The veteran-owned company continues to promote health, healing, recovery, and the chance for customers to climb their personal Everest.

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