Respected Plastic Surgeon In Paris, Mohamed Derder has a Special Message for Future Generations in the Profession

In the past few years, the world has witnessed huge growth in the sector of cosmetic surgery. It’s not just about recovering the physical structure after a fatal accident, there are many people who opt for plastic surgery to get the desired looks.

As much as the service is in demand these days, it demands a great skill set. Dr. Mohamed Derder who is a well known and respected aesthetic surgeon in Paris shares with us his journey of achieving name and respect in this profession.

Currently working in European Georges Pompidou hospital and also in private practice in Paris, Mohamed Derder was born in Algeria. He was just 23 when he reached France to develop a surgical speciality. Following the suggestions of his cousin, Mohamed became a plastic surgeon but preparing for it was quite a struggle.

He prepared for two and a half years for a very selective competition in which only one out of twenty candidates was admitted. “These were the most difficult years of my life,” he says and adds, “Between being alone without my family, the difficulties of accommodation and the obligation to stay focused on my exams, I really sacrificed years to work non-stop to achieve my objective.”

Thankfully his hard work paid off and he succeeded in all the competitions. Thanks to his good rank he was able to train in a surgical speciality in Paris. But it was just the start of his journey as he soon obtained 8 higher education Diplomas during his training. Further, he travelled to the United States several times to improve his skills in cosmetic surgery.

In his career so far, Mohamed Derder has served clients of all age groups, be it elderly women who want to rejuvenate their looks or a young patient who wants to modify part of her body to make it more feminine, more attractive or sometimes just like her favourite star.

Mohamed loves to take care of his own health. Talking about his fitness regime, he says, “I love to play sports and never let a week go without going to the gym or playing football.” He also loves to travel and makes sure to enjoy himself with family even when it’s hard to find the time from work.

Mohamed also has a special message for future surgeons. “I tell them that it’s the best job in the world, that everyone can achieve it, you should both believe in your dreams but also put in all the means to achieve it, so a lot of sacrifices. It’s at the age of 20, 25 that you make the most of your youth, I put a cross on it in order to achieve my goal,” he says.

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