Restaurant Savorwynwood Owner Dozzy Ross Shares 3 Things to Thrive In Business

Dozzy Ross, Entrepreneur & Owner Of The Afro-Caribbean Cuisine Restaurant Brings In New Afro Vibes

The growing trend of the latest dining places out there is great news for future restaurateurs. But taking due advantage of this trajectory requires some strategic planning as well. Savorwynwood owner Dozzy Ross shares, ‘As I’m working on opening up my own restaurant now, hearing the statistics above was not encouraging.

But the news isn’t all bad: There are still new entrepreneurs building successful restaurants all the time. And after digging through more research, I found that 2020 might actually be the perfect time for entrepreneurs to get into the restaurant business, considering the growing trend of Americans eating by ordering online.’ Dozzy shares three things to thrive in the cut-throat restaurant industry. 


Regardless of where your restaurant location is, the locals never probably know what they want! They absorb your food visually, sensually and mix their opinion based on the ambience your restaurant provides. Consumers will always be amazed, hungry and intrigued with a brand new idea.

There’s always a lot of potential to take advantage of an untapped niche — some outside-the-box thinking. Satisfy the needs and create some wants to open the door to a brand new restaurant niche in Miami. It’s a win-win for all and a brand new take on a party & enthusiast dining experience.

Business plan

An agile business plan is essential to a restaurant’s success – to avoid overlooking things you couldn’t add to your business plan. Your business plan will help your partners, clients and investors chart the map to success. Majorly, it helps you plan for the worst. Starting a restaurant business can be quite a volatile system of processes.

Planning out based on the outcome of every possible scenario can possibly help you make the best of decisions for your venture. Dozzy says, ‘It is recommended to secure a minimum of six to nine months of working capital before you open your doors to the world of entrepreneurship. It may be tempting to pour all of your time into designing a sleek restaurant and prepare a creative menu but the operations of your restaurant, from creating a realistic financial model to systems, to training and expense control systems are the real contributors to success and longevity”.

Prime location

Poorly plotted location can make or break the success of any business, especially restaurants. Renting space on a block filled with beloved establishments or a space with hardly any passersby will make it difficult to attract new customers.

Finding the best location depends on the city – be it urban or suburban areas. With an original concept, business plan and location, you can move on to developing the more creative aspects of your business, be it finding the right talent, curating a menu or recording the customer experience.

Starting a restaurant can feel like the Hunger Games, but with careful planning, you can set your future venture up for a successful run.  If you wish to connect with Dozzy Ross and understand his entrepreneurial journey better, check out Savorwynwood’s  Instagram.

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