We Reveal How The Fastest Growing Entertainer In The UK Has Amassed Over 2 Million Social Media Followers!

Today I will introduce you to one of my favorite influencers.  If you have a Facebook or Instagram account and live in the United Kingdom, most likely you have watched her entertaining videos and had a laugh. Her brand name is Brookelyn and she is the fastest growing entertainer in the UK. Brooke Lynette started her career in 2010 as a model, and now she has become an online sensation with close to 2-million followers across all social media networks. Only very few influencers have had the amazing growth Brookelyn has. In the last eight months, she has amassed 1.4-million followers on Facebook, 450.000 followers on Instagram—and growing—with zero paid advertising. To date, Brookelyn has had over 1-billion video views in total with 500-million directly attributed to her social platforms.
To be honest, after working with her I realised that nothing she does is by luck. Every time we have a new scheduled post, she tries to find ways to optimise her reach. She understands marketing better than a lot of  established marketers.
At first, she was reluctant to reveal her growth hacks, but after a lot of effort, I managed to convince her for the sake of this article. After all, it’s not only the growth hacks that matter, but also her brand name, her unique content, her team and several other factors that contributed to her fast growth.
How did everything start? 
Brookelyn: I first featured in a video with Woody and Kleiny —a double act who create comedy videos—and I then started to appear in a few of their videos and decided to try some of my own. With their help, I set up my own Facebook Page including a funny video. Overnight it grew to 30.000 followers and it all went from there!

I mentioned several times while we were working together that you’re a marketing genius. How is it possible that you understand marketing so well? 

Brookelynha-ha thank you! I’ve always understood it and to be honest, it’s something that came naturally to me. I guess being a model before I was constantly putting myself out there, networking with the right people and pushing myself. It’s something I’ve always done.

How do you come up with all your video ideas?

Brookelyn: I think about what’s relatable—what’s going to make someone press the share button or tag a friend.

Could you give us a few tips for anybody that wants to become an online influencer? 

Brookelyn: First of all, focus on you and solely you. Too many people are comparing themselves to others when really it doesn’t matter. Be smart, network like crazy and produce good quality content. Prepare to work hard.

Can you share your secret Facebook and Instagram growth hacks? 

  1. I always produce relatable content so people will tag or comment on it, I also ask them to tag or share on the end of the video.
  2. I have a big share network so I can push my content out further across the platform which helps with my growth.
  3. I engage with my fans and have built an “army” of them, the #BrookelynArmy as I call them. These fans will be the ones who comment, like and share my content which is super important for the platforms.
  4. I also have a lot of high quality pictures to keep my Instagram looking good. It’s always good to have content back up so you can post regularly.
  5. I post regularly and at a very specific time based on my insights.
  6. I use Telegram and Engagement Groups for Instagram.
  7. Whenever I post to my social media channels, I try to answer all the comments as soon as possible as answering right away increases the engagement and reach.

How do you monetize your brand name and all your video views? 

Brookelyn: I have access to ‘id-roll ads so I can place advertisements onto my Facebook videos if I want to, at any time. For the past eight months, I haven’t monetised my Facebook Page at all though. I’ve worked hard purely for the growth. I have only had Instagram brand deals which pay well, but at the moment I am focusing only on my growth.

What are the next steps for the Brookelyn brand? 

Brookelyn: Well, I’m about to take over the world! Ha-ha! I’m keeping focused on being one of the biggest female UK influencers and staying at the top.  I have a lot of exciting opportunities and business ventures that I’m in discussion with now and as soon as they are signed and sealed you guys will be the first to know! So stay tuned to my social channels where I’ll share everything with you!

Working with Brooke is a great pleasure. Every week we discuss and brainstorm about her Facebook page—all her videos come from her own ideas—and I also have the opportunity to learn exactly what Generation Z wants to interact with. Brooke is an expert at recognizing the psychology of the new generation.
I’m sure we should expect to hear more great things from Brooke and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.
You can follow Brookelyn on social media: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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