Rex Afrasiabi explains the role of a Legal Confidante

Rex Afrasiabi

In the movie, the Godfather, the Consigliere, was a trusted confidant who advised and represented the Godfather in important matters.  Similar to the Godfather, most successful people have their own Consigliere. Also, similar to the movie, they also happen to be lawyers.

One such confidante is Rex Afrasiabi, the founder of the Melbourne based law firm, M A Legal.  For over a decade Rex’s clients have entrusted him with not only with their legal affairs but have sought counsel from him with respect to their growth, protection and strategy.

Rex believes “the role of the lawyer has grown.  The modern day lawyer not only ensures the legality of a client’s matter, by identifying the right, duties, responsibilities and risk, but also assists their clients achieve their personal and business goals.”

Having played a pivotal role not only in start-ups but in existing large enterprises with his clients comprising real estate moguls, listed entities and business leaders.  Rex has had the pleasure of working one on one with some of Australia’s most successful people, and when asked what makes someone successful, Mr Afrasiabi replied “Not one thing ever makes someone successful, but the common factor I have witnessed is a clear direction and goal.”

Perhaps it is that reason that Mr Afrasiabi also advised us that “Whether advising my clients in their personal or business matters, I always start with the end in mind,” explained Afrasiabi. “Where do we want to get to? What is the ideal outcome? I typically say you wouldnʼt jump in a car without a destination. Once we have established the destination, I help my clients strategize how to get there best and explore the options.”

Beyond his work, Rex also lives an audacious and full life. When he isn’t playing confidante for his many clients, he’s driving his sports cars or riding he’s motorcycles around race tracks, snowboarding around the world, or boxing professionally. A big believer in always challenging himself and when asked what makes him rise to such challenges, Rex replied “if someone tells me you can’t do that,  I like to reply [with a big smile] watch me.”

But beyond anything, Rex Afrasiabi is a highly reputable legal professional who has served as a mentor and role model for many aspiring and rising players in the field. His influence has grown immensely as he strategically traverses through various industries and helps companies stay within the boundaries and run all kinds of complex commercial litigations and business negotiations that help companies grow immensely while also serving the community.

Rex hopes to continue playing a pivotal role in M A Legal and help other organizations with worthy causes. He also serves as the Director of Build 4 Kids, a Melbourne-based non-profit organization that helps underprivileged children in the Victoria area through various programs and projects.

Rex remains purpose-driven and hopes to break all negative stigmas around the legal profession by serving as an epitome of a community leader that makes society a better place as a whole. Learn more about Rex Afrasiabi by visiting his Linkedin and Instagram profile.

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