Reza Abbaszadeh, Owner of Abbaszadeh Enterprises, Is About to Launch the World’s First Fashion Social Media App Named BaxBeauty

Reza Abbaszadeh is an Iranian-German entrepreneur, self-made millionaire, business owner and philanthropist whose journey inspired many young ones in Europe and other places.

He consults for multiple-fortune 9 investment banking companies worldwide along with helping boards and entrepreneurs on M&A transactions and capital raising across a broad range of industries. He also manages relationships with corporations, entrepreneurs, private equity firms and government entities.

Reza Abbaszadeh is also the author of DOMINATING THE BUYER and DEN KÄUFER BEHERRSCHEN, who has helped a lot of people with actionable techniques and strategies that result in growth and scaling your business even faster.

Reza Abbaszadeh is specialist in real estate investment in Berlin, London and Dubai working with top agencies and bankers.

One of the companies under Abbadszadeh Enterprises is Abbaszadeh Technologies which is about to launch a brand new app.

How did you enter the world of fashion and beauty despite you are an investment banker?

Over the past decade, people are brought together by social media. For Communicating, Advertising, Entertaining and Exaggerating. But what I thought, what if this becomes more professional for good. So a year ago, we decided to take stock of what people most like on social media and we finally realised that people want to be social to discover more about Fashion & Beauty. And that’s how we got started!

First, we came up with an idea to connect people with common interests and let them share their style, beauty and everything in between. But we didn’t want just social media we actually wanted to create a fashionable way to be social. So we stepped further and took it to the next level by combining this idea with professional networking. This made it possible to involve beauty-and- fashion-related careers in our network to support all your needs and curio in the world of fashion.

What is BaxBeauty App?

BaxBeauty is the first-class social media platform for men and women who are interested in their style and fashionability.

It accommodates all fashion and beauty businesses and enthusiastic individuals in one place to share their needs, experiences, moments and curio without any disturbance of unrelated things.

When will it be available for the public?

We are now testing our artificial intelligence and securing the network since the safety of our users’ privacy and data is so important for us. Abbaszadeh Technology Ltd will launch it by the end of summer.

Can you explain the features of BaxBeauty app?

Clearly, I am not disclosing any specific feature now but all I can tell is that BaxBeauty will be the most engaging social media for beauty and fashion businesses because all of our users can be potential customers for them.

Are celebrities coming to BaxBeauty app?

We are already reserving their specific usernames for them currently and also we are giving some special credits for anyone who join us early. We will surprise definitely.

We are all waiting to see this amazing app in near future that can change the game for Fashion and beauty industry.

Check out Reza AbbaszadehBaxBeauty 

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