Rich Rosario

Rich Energy Vintage: New York Based Entrepreneur and Designer Rich Rosario Fashion line launched.

New York based Designer & Entrepreneur Rich Rosario, is well known in the fashion industry for his unique taste of style. He has been in the scene for many years but the latest buzz is about his new venture, “Rich Energy Vintage” which is his fashion line.

Design has a great significance in our lives. “Different and Distant” is the tagline of Rich Energy Vintage which conveys the message of the brand to differentiate itself among the competition.

We talked to the founder of Rich Energy Vintage, Rich Rosario about the idea behind his brand to which he said “We want to make our presence felt in the daily wear segment by introducing this new line of  vintage clothes which are not only unique but created based on my own personal style & inspired by my environment & fashion influences.”

As of now, Rich Energy Vintage is selling Shirts, Hoodies, Joggers, Smartphone Covers which get sold out instantly, Which means the brand is acquiring a great demand.

Rich Rosario shared that his team is grateful by the response received so far and that they are planning to expand their business and increase the supply. He is confident that everyone will love their new pieces and is excited for the new releases.

Rosario himself is a fashion influencer. His Instagram posts proves why Rich Energy Vintage is going to be our go-to brand in the future, not only limited to street fashion,  but also to luxury design.

You can follow Rich Energy Vintage on Instagram here and order your clothes here

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