Richie Nuzz and Carole Feuerman Have Created One of the Most Sought-After Studios in Brooklyn, New York

Nuzz and Feuerman have built 1Moore Studios

Acting on the idea and bringing it to fruition requires the highest amount of bravery and self-confidence. Carole Feuerman and Richie Nuzz, 1Moore Studio’s founders, made their dream of having a record-breaking studio a reality. 1Moore Studios is a recording studio in Brooklyn, New York, that is highly sought after. It’s a studio that aims to be the best place for all forms of musicians and creators that features 3 top of the line studios, a podcast studio, a music studio, and a video and photo loft. Their studios are able to rented by the hour and they serve as a creative agency for artists and brands. Let’s dive in and get familiar with the creative minds behind 1Moore Studios.

World-famous hyperrealist sculptor Carole Feuerman is the first mastermind behind the beautiful studio and has built a reputation as one of the best in the game over the years. During her time, she has persevered and rose to prominence as an influential and well-respected female artist in a mostly male-dominated field. Carole’s dream for 1Moore Studios is for it to be an artistic haven for all forms of artists. She enjoys having her own professional creative environment and hopes to extend it to include other artists.

Not only does Carole bring a lot to the table herself but pairing up with close relative Richie Nuzz.

Nuzz has taken 1Moore Studios over the top. He has extensive music industry experience, having lived in New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta before making music and touching millions of fans around the world, and more importantly, is Carole’s sidekick when it comes to everything involving 1Moore Studios. Richie also is the mastermind, founder, and CEO of a texting app for artists called It’s a web-based application that allows artists across the country to connect directly with their fans and build personal relationships one on one.

As these two dynamic masterminds with extensive knowledge from different industries come together and continue to build and expand on 1Moore Studios, look for it to become one of the most well-known studios in the game. Carole Feuerman and Richie Nuzz have built something extremely beautiful in 1Moore Studios, and they are looking to expand further as the year goes on.

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