Rick Contreras: From Aspiring Businessman to a Leading e-Commerce Expert

What began as a hobby became a passion and eventually turned into a successful business empire? Rick Contreras shares his story from starting as one of the many Amazon sellers to become a leading e-commerce expert. Let’s delve.

The Aspiring Businessman

The would-be businessman had already taken root within Rick when he was just a teenager. Rick had started to sell random stuff on Amazon and eBay to make a few extra dollars. Soon, Rick caught on to the potential and became determined to learn everything about the e-commerce business. He was obsessed with digging out the secrets behind the sweet science of converting clicks to sales.

When Rick’s Efforts Bore Fruit

As Rick got better at cracking the e-commerce code, different companies started to reach out to him seeking help to run their Amazon seller accounts. Today, as a leading e-commerce expert, Rick coaches various clients to help them establish their dominion on Amazon.

Ask Rick what differentiates him from other e-commerce players, he says, “I strive every moment to increase the profits of my clients and there is no upper threshold to it.” Rare are the coaches who go all out for the well-being of their clients. Rick’s Amazon expertise provides his clients with an awesome experience. Some of his clients have expressed three major reasons for having been associated with him: excellent customer service, professionalism, and always being on point when giving solutions.

Rick, as per many of his clients, is considered to be a reliable person who replies to every question or request (coming from the client) promptly. His aim is to provide the best service every time. For Rick, it’s always about exceeding his clients’ expectations. He encourages all aspiring businessmen, especially those who want to make waves in the e-commerce world, to first learn to and establish within themselves that every customer is equal. Then, naturally, one will treat every customer with equal respect, and the customer will also feel absolutely comfortable. This, Rick shares, paves the way for smooth, long-term lucrative business associations—particularly important if one wants to be successful in the e-commerce arena.

Ask Rick what is that one secret he would like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs, he says, “Make your customer as not only your number one but also your only priority. Everything that comes out from you and your business must be for the benefit of the customer. If you truly, truly manage to do this, then it will work wonders for you.”

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