Ricky Carruth Values Relationships Over Transactions

Most people might believe that making money is a personal endeavor, primarily relying on one’s own efforts. Ricky Carruth is not most people. “Relationships over transactions” is the guiding ideology behind everything that this powerhouse entrepreneur does. 

Carruth knows hardship, not as something he experienced from his childhood, but from the privilege of his own personal choices that he had made as a young adult. When he was 23-years-old, he lost a whopping million dollars. In fact, Carruth was homeless at one point, sleeping on friends’ couches. His subsequent success didn’t come for him overnight.

Today, Carruth is the founder and owner of Zero to Diamond which is the fastest-growing program that coaches real estate agents. He continues to work in the real estate world and closes over 100 properties every year.

So, how did Carruth become so wildly successful after all of the hardship that he went through? The entrepreneur credits his mindset. “Mindset is key. Just forget that the competition exists and focus on your work,” he says.

Carruth advises business owners to stop focusing on the competition, and, instead, to zero in on their own work and projects to ensure success. Carruth explains that it does get easier over time. As work goes on, business owners get tougher to match the challenges. The hardest part really is the very beginning.

According to Carruth, one question that new owners should always ask themselves is, “Am I strong enough?” The answer should be a resounding “yes.” He is exploring more avenues for growth past real estate. He has become a social media influencer, thanks to the invaluable advice that he is able to provide to others.

Carruth is a visionary. He switched his offer and began letting agents learn with him for free. It was this newfound vision of doing business that, as he puts it, led to the gates of his course being “flooded.”

Carruth is also dedicated to helping people. He wants to bring the best out of everybody, no matter where they are.

However, Carruth warns that the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs are fear and laziness. As long as people manage to face those demons head-on, he is assured that success will come shortly. 

Carruth does not see himself slowing down or retiring any time soon. He absolutely loves what he does and is eager to spread that knowledge. He deeply desires to create lifelong relationships with his students and strongly believes that this is essential in becoming a mentor.  

Carruth does have one crucial piece of advice. He says that an owner who is determined to commit three to five years to build a strong routine and dedication, their chances for success are maximized. He warns, “Nothing comes overnight, don’t believe in overnight success.” It took him years to get to where he is now. Success came after some very hard lessons that not everyone would be able to withstand. 

Ultimately, Carruth firmly believes that if you’re dedicated, success will follow. Don’t doubt that for a second. Today, he is focused on the future and is excited to see where his coaching practice takes him because the sky’s the limit for this powerhouse entrepreneur. 

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