Rishabh Marathe, Branding Expert and Author Speaks About his Journey

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Most people can only dream about writing a book and making it an Amazon bestseller, but to publish 3 books in 18 months, Mentor more than four thousand entrepreneurs at the International stage, become a jury at IIT Madras’ Entrepreneur fest and a thought leader in Branding and Marketing, its uncanny how Rishabh Marathe has managed to achieve all of this in such a small time frame.

I had nothing common to talk about on family gatherings and so used to keep quiet. This habit made me an introvert and so shy that I felt invisible. I scraped through engineering college and somehow managed an MBA seat, where I found my passion. I used to devour the huge textbooks on marketing and fell in love with the subject.

For the next 14 years I dedicated myself to marketing and slowly started growing my knowledge, working in organizations like Unilever, BIC and Marico and was happy doing what I loved.

But I still felt hollow. This inferiority complex never left my sight and it never made me an outgoing person. Networking was not easy for me still and I still felt like a LOSER.

2 years back I had a moment of epiphany, when I crushed my foot in an exercise machine and I realized in that moment of excruciating pain that life is short and if I don’t chase a mission, I will remain that ordinary person, who no one knew.

My mission is to help 1 million individuals, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants who struggle to make themselves visible in a cluttered market, rise and shine and become Trusted Authorities in their niche”.

Rishabh’s moment of glory came when he spoke at the “Next MBA” forum in Europe on the same stage that Neil Patel, Martin Lindstrom and huge stalwarts in the Marketing and Branding domain have mentored individuals & Entrepreneurs

Rishabh believes “Your Brand’s Identity is your Reality. So however you position yourself becomes your identity. You can choose to have an identity of a loser or a rebel or change your mirror and change your identity of a person who can make a difference”.

Having impacted more then 10K lives with his work, his ambition is to impact 1 million individuals find that inner voice that makes them achieve the impossible and shine in this world.

Rishabh can be contacted at www.rishabhmarathe.com and his YouTube channel (https://bit.ly/3id7PRc )

His books are available on Amazon -> https://amzn.to/2VMuD2B

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