Rising as one of the Finest Talents in the World of Music is Josefine From LA.


In conversation with Josefine, who excels as a soulful singer and passionate songwriter, enthralling listeners with her melodic tracks.

The more we talk about the many industries and fields that are on a constant rise, the more we feel like talking about it. The fundamental reason behind their constant growth is some of the greatest talents it has given birth to.

These individuals, especially youngsters, have shown what it really takes to become the best in their niches and, in the process, become inspiring individuals for many other budding talents. The world of music is a world of its own, which has so far welcomed innumerable artists. However, a few rare gems have gone ahead in creating milestones in the ever-evolving and growing creative and artistic field.

We got in a quick tete-a-tete with Josefine, a name that has been buzzing high lately in the music industry of the US, who has fine-tuned her skills and talents in music and has become a rising songwriter and singer, she always desired to be.

  • Tell us something about how you feel about music?

Music is where my heart is. I grew up with musical parents and sisters and music was always a part of my family since day one. Also, music has helped me escape from hard life situations, and writing has given me therapy. For me, the music I create and the lyrics I play around acts like winds underneath my wings that allow me to reach the sky for more success and growth as an artist and individual.

  • Kindly let our readers know about your genre and your upcoming EP

With tracks like ‘Let it go’ and ‘Dreamin’, I am all about the pop genre and with my passion for music, I strive for reaching excellence with each of my tracks. My upcoming EP is an upbeat pop-inspired collection of songs, where I have used different influences, evolving sounds along with some really exciting collaborations.

My latest track is inspired by those endless energy weekends full of friends, nostalgia and memories. Hence, I wrote a fun and energetic song for everyone returning after a year’s lockdown to remember the joy of the weekend and social freedoms.

  • Please throw some light on your other two tracks.

“Bikes” is the first track that can get people into a nostalgic mode with lyrics that mirrors memories from the past, and the other one is a fantastic collaboration with a famous DJ/Producer, which will be a fun true dance, uptempo track.

Josefine is looking forward to many new things for her in the pipeline this year. She reveals she is in the studio a lot for recording new music and can’t hold her excitement to drop those gems soon.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @josefinemymusic.

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