Rising Musician Jayneto Set to Release Debut EP “Alcatraz”

Growing up, most people have someone whom they look up to and consider as their inspiration. For budding musician Jayneto, it was his uncle Tony.

The artist, born Jay Scott, hails from Baltimore, Maryland. Growing up, he saw and heard his uncle create wonderful music. Looking back at those experiences he had as a young boy, the singer fondly recalled, “To me, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.”

Not long after, he followed suit and started writing his own music. Like most other songwriters, his early work was created more for the sake of making music and lacked meaning and intention. However, the talented individual committed himself to become a better artist by consistently honing his craft. At the same time, his uncle Tony supported, guided, and encouraged him every step of the way. 

Unfortunately, his beloved mentor and idol passed away in 2010. The death of the person he admired the most has dimmed the light in the young musician’s eyes. At the time, he had given up hope and was on the verge of giving up his dreams. Nevertheless, he pressed on, knowing that his uncle would have wanted him to pursue his passion. 

Many years have passed since Jayneto went through a heartbreaking loss, but the aspiring singer’s journey is far from smooth sailing. He had gone through other adversities like being scammed by people who were only after his money. The same people immediately turned their backs on him when he no longer had anything to offer. 

Learning from his past struggles, the admirable young man rose above and continued creating music. Together with his personal growth, his music has also evolved; it is more profound, has more depth, and reflects his maturity as an individual who has overcome numerous adversities.  

Currently, the musician is working on his biggest project to date. His debut EP Alcatraz is scheduled to be dropped within the year. The first two singles, “Suicide” and “Death Sentence,” are already available on online streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. For this project, he has also collaborated with people he trusts—his close friends and fellow artists PrinceLightSkin and W.B.K.

The young man has big plans for the future and is confident that he can achieve all of his goals. First, he wants to go back on tour with his friends. Second, he wishes to venture into the movie industry and try out acting. Lastly, he wishes to put his martial arts skills to good use by opening a martial arts school. 

This impressive mindset is inspired by one of his favorite quotes from Bruce Lee, which said, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, it won’t get done.”

People should be on the lookout for this promising and talented singer-songwriter as he gears up to release Alcatraz and makes his way into the mainstream.

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