Rising Public Figure Youssef TAHA Speaks On Fashion Career, Influence & Motivation

International Influencer and Model, Youssef TAHA, is one multi-talented entrepreneur. Rooted in Morocco, his vision and dreams go beyond his home country. At just 24 years old, did not allow the ebbs and flows of the covid-19 pandemic to get in his way. 

As a model, he has received popular brand deals and represents fashion brands like Siksilk, Nerdunit, Fashion nova, FreshHoods, and more … His modeling career is just beginning. During his rise, his role as an influencer continues to build. Nearing 170,000 followers on Instagram, his engaged audience can expect Youssef’s own fashion business moves in the future. 

Complimenting his talent, his educational background makes him even more sought after. Youssef is a professional auditor, and he graduated with a master’s degree in audit and financial management from the prestigious “National School of Commerce & Management — ENCG” in his hometown of Agadir, Morocco. 

Needless to say, such training instills a certain enterprise-oriented aspiration & dedication to push through the traditional barriers of society, being a male model is regarded as an odd vocation in Morocco. An aspiring solopreneur, Youssef is used to getting innovative with business challenges. 

A self-made model, he is constantly aware of the importance of perseverance. While Moroccans were under lockdown restrictions, Youssef made use of that time to meditate, plan, and begin his day

even earlier than ordinary, networking and pitching his ideas to the fashion industry worldwide. 

While most of the world was put to a halt in 2020, Youssef did not allow “what ifs” to stop him from continuing his goals. For Youssef, he believes motivation comes from within, and holds on to his dream of running a modeling enterprise and launching his own brand. 

In 2020, he has grown greatly, and he will continue to create a new wave in the fashion industry on an international level during this new year. 


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