Rising TikToker Jessica Golich is Making Waves

In recent years the cannabis industry has seen rapid growth, especially with the legalization of cannabis in many U.S. states. More and more people are now aware of the various benefits of cannabis, so it’s becoming a trending topic throughout the world.

Influencers like Jessica Golich are shedding more light on the benefits of this substance and changing the perception of cannabis.

Jessica Golich is a top cannabis influencer, TikToker, photographer, and the founder of Life Beyond the Music, a music publication site. On top of all that, Jessica Golich is the author of an upcoming book, “Open The Cosmic Doors.” Her book builds awareness of plant medicine by detailing her journey of self-discovery.

Growing up in a society where she was exposed to the benefits of medicinal plants at a young age, Jessica recalls using them for fitness and general health purposes throughout her life.

As you can tell from her many business ventures, Jessica is a passionate dreamer with a go-getter attitude. She’s built her career from the ground up and has never been the one to settle for less. Having studied entrepreneurship, Jessica knew this was the path for her. That ambition combined with her love for writing and photography launched Jessica into the entertainment industry.

Many people are unaware of how to use the different cannabis strains therapeutically, notes Jessica. When used responsibly, cannabis can boost mental health, alleviate pain, and lessen anxiety, among other benefits. Through her Instagram, Jessica educates her audience on the important things to know about cannabis use.

Her vast knowledge and passion for teaching others make Jessica a great entrepreneur. What was also necessary on her path to success was willpower and perseverance. Jessica believes that an entrepreneur with a dream will always find a way to make it work, no matter the situation.

Failures are part of life, says Jessica. In her words, “failures are lessons meant to make you stronger. After failure, what matters is the courage to move on and how well you will use the lessons learned.”

Jessica’s advice to fellow influencers and entrepreneurs at large is to focus on building long-lasting relations with your clientele as well as having a detailed plan. With so many influencers on social media today, it’s essential to stand out and define your brand. This helps your audience and clients identify with you, as they have a clear insight into what you do.

Even though many consider her an unstoppable influence in the industry, Jessica Golich is just getting started. She knows she has much more in store. As she continues to prosper, Jessica is looking to redefine the cannabis industry by creating more awareness of its numerous benefits. She is also looking to build her own incorporated licensed cannabis company and author more books.

Although weed is slowly becoming legal, there is still a stigma surrounding it in some places. Undeterred, Jessica Golich is committed to change this narrative and create a future where people can comfortably use cannabis for beneficial purposes.

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