Riya Rani is on the Path of Achieving her Dreams

“Dream is not what you see in sleep; the dream is something which doesn’t let you sleep”, taking inspiration from the golden words of Hon’ble Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, a Hyderabad based girl in her teens, made up her mind that she won’t sleep until she fulfils all her dreams.

Riya Rani, a budding entrepreneur, was born on March 29 in New Delhi to Piyush Kumar and Shweta Kumar. Her father is an employee of the prestigious State Bank of India (SBI), and her mother is a homemaker.

Though coming from a middle-class family, Riya’s parents put their heart, soul, and hard-earned money to provide the best facilities to her and her younger brother P. Harsh Kumar, be it education or other luxuries.

Riya was a girl of incredible talent since her school days. Being a bright student in academics, she was always the favourite of every teacher. Riya opted for the Science stream after the tenth and showed exemplary performance in her boards and entrance exams to become a successful engineer.

Moreover, Riya was also fond of the English language and used penning her thoughts in her diary. In her second year of B. Tech from Computer Science, Riya applied for an online internship for a content writing to add feathers to her resume.

Riya never knew that it is going to be a turning point in her life. She was required to do celebrity pitching, due to which she encountered popular actor Sachin Vashist and interviewed him for the website of that internship.

Impressed by her skills, she got offers for providing her creative content writing services by Sachin and many other clients from India and abroad. From actors to YouTubers, singers to dancers, directors to entrepreneurs, and photographers, Riya has penned unique articles for personalities from almost every field.

Riya is earning a handsome amount, but she gives more importance to the fact that she is getting experience gradually in her field. Apart from content writing, Riya is also fond of dance, painting and music, plus she has learnt cooking in this lockdown and helps her mother in her work. Lovingly called ‘Pankhuri’ by her family, Riya loves her mother and considers her as her best friend.

When teenagers usually get influenced easily and take the wrong path, Riya treats her parents as God and always obeys them. Riya gives the entire credit of her success to her mother for dedicating her whole life to her. Riya wants to achieve more and also wishes to serve the nation!

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