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RnB Artist Lishana is Using Her Heavy Music Background to Lay the Bricks for Her Musical Career

Meet an RnB star in the making.


As far back as she can remember, RnB artist Lishana has been surrounded by multiple musical influences since her early childhood. From listening to her dad’s various vinyl records that were part of his massive collection on the big speakers in her family’s living room to hearing her mother and older siblings sing as they galivanted around the house, Lishana has always had a deep love for the art of music.

When Lishana was introduced to the piano at the age of eight, she began to accel in the field very quickly. As she continued to build on her piano skills, she looked for new ways to get involved with music as much as possible. She started to write and sing her own songs and would spend the majority of her time in primary school and early teen years working on her craft and dialing in her skills.

Her love for music and the constant desire to improve has provided her with the pleasure of knowing a laundry list of influential people in the music industry. These connections have kept her encourage and motivated to never give up on her dreams, no matter how difficult it might seem at times.

Lishana knows all about battling difficult times and using them as a learning experience to better her quality of life. One of the most challenging things that she has had to overcome is battling serious waves of self-doubt. Overwhelming feelings of wanting to give up and hopelessness are some of the darkest emotions one can feel as a human being. It can be challenging to get yourself out of this rut of a mindset, but Lishana is a prime example that you can make it through anything when you have a good group of supportive people around you.

Through her music, Lishana looks to give back to her fans, who feel similar emotions to the ones she felt when going through her darkest times. She doesn’t want anyone to have to go through their hard times on their own, and she ensures her fans that no matter how many times you get knocked down, it doesn’t matter as long as you get back up and keep battling for better days.

Her pure intentions and beautiful voice have helped her build up a supportive fan base that wants nothing more than the young artist’s success. Recently capturing the attention of “Hot Money Studios,” Lishana is being taken under their wing and directed on the moves she needs to make in the industry to become a successful artist. “Hot Money Studios” has a credible track record for getting artists to the next level, and it is only a matter of time before Lishana follows in their footsteps and makes her way to the pinnacle of the music industry.

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