Rob Matzkin Teaches Entrepreneurs to Cut Their Worktime

Robert Matzkin, a former stressed out, struggling workaholic was sprinting in the wrong direction in both business life and mindset. He turned everything around to be a highly successful business owner himself and 9x Entrepreneur, multidisciplinary competitive athlete, with the life of his dreams. Rob Matzkin specializes in helping business owners multiply their cash flow and take-home income, turning the scarcity mindset to one of abundance

He transforms overworked and anxiety-ridden business owners, giving them an extra 10 to 20 hours of time back a week. His coaching program enables CEOs to transform into purpose-driven entrepreneurs with a lucrative career and full financial freedom, making an impact on others. 
Some tools he recommends to get to where you want to be include:
  1. Looking at all areas of your life and taking a real assessment of performance.
  2. Mapping a goal in each area you want improvement on.
  3. Reviewing each area and realizing what needs to be done to take action and change
Matzkin had to work on his past and struggled with dyslexia not being able to read until he was 10 and letting go of having to prove to people how smart he was. He joined a program called Landmark to support this.
Only when I started my journey of selfdiscovery and found what really fulfilled me in life, was I able to slowly and methodically create the power and freedom to enjoy every aspect of it.Entrepreneurs lose theirway from time to time. Many times, they are motivating themselves for all the wrong reasons. For example, most entrepreneurs get fixated on money, fear of failing, investors, or the next milestone, so they lose passion and the original motivators and ambition. In this case, I bring them back to that primal motivation and 10x their goal and create a pathway to having BOTH passion while also significantly increasing revenue.

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