Robert Thompson of Wise Music Group Shares His Dedication To Eastman School of Music’s Entrepreneurship in Music Program.

Robert Thompson of Wise Music Group knows that it takes more than talent to make it in the music industry. As a two-time Grammy-nominated musician and producer, Thompson knows that an entrepreneurial mindset is required to make it in the industry.

As an alumnus of Eastman, Thompson is excited to be able to share his expertise with budding musicians who are preparing to follow in his footsteps. His storied music career has allowed him to work in many roles, from program director to president of a large corporation. He’s proud to serve as a Kaufmann Foundation advisor to the Eastman School of Music’s Entrepreneurship in Music program, allowing him to have a lasting impact on the programs that shape the musical minds of the next generation.

What Is The Eastman School of Music?

Known as one of the most prestigious and top-ranked music conservatories in the United States, the Eastman School of Music at the University of Rochester educates up-and-coming artists and musicians. The school is known for its rigorous admissions standards, admitting just under 30% of applicants each year. Once students become a part of the Eastman community, they’re quickly enveloped into the small student body (fewer than 900 students), allowing them to develop close relationships with fellow musicians, faculty members, and advisors.

Eastman isn’t just known for helping students develop their talent—it’s also known for teaching students how to thrive in the music industry. An Eastman education provides students with a well-rounded artistic education, teaching them everything from what to expect at their first post-college audition to how to deal with the ups and downs that come with life as a professional artist.

Robert Thompson: Lending Decades of Experience

Robert Thompson of G. Schirmer, Inc is happy to be able to share his experiences to help develop and tweak classes at Eastman.

Thompson has been an industry leader for decades. The music mogul got his start working with a European touring arts company, where he spent time working as a managing director for shows in Vienna, New York, and London. After ten years in that role, Thompson went on to launch Thompson Music Group, a New York-based company, where he served as a producer for more than eight years.

Next, Robert Thompson worked as the interim Dean of the Conservatory of Music at Purchase College, where he also served as the Inaugural Director of the school’s Arts Administration program. While at Purchase, Thompson also educated students as a professor, teaching several courses including arts and entertainment law, arts administration, and introduction to the music business.

Robert Thompson’s Commitment To Advising At Eastman

Robert Thompson of Music Sales Corporation currently serves as the President of Wise Music and of the Music Publishers Association and understands that it can be tough for young musicians to find their way through the music industry when it comes to gaining the skills needed to be savvy in business.

By working as an advisor to the Eastman School of Music, Thompson gets to share the tips and tricks he’s learned throughout his storied career in the industry, helping young musicians, producers, and artists learn from his experience. He feels rewarded to know that his role allows other musicians to get industry know-how without experiencing some of the difficulties that can come with making it in the music business.

Learning from an experienced industry veteran allows students to spend less time dealing with the pitfalls of the industry, and more time doing what they love—honing their craft.

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