RoboKiden – The Next Big Thing in Multiplayer Gaming on Avalanche

RoboKiden is about to drop into the gaming scene with a bang. This free-to-play multiplayer game developed by Elixir Games is set to redefine the gaming experience, combining third-person shooter dynamics with cutting-edge blockchain tech. Available on multiple platforms with crossplay support, RoboKiden is shaping up to be a 2024 gaming gem.


In the distant past, an advanced civilization created remarkable technology, leading to a peaceful and prosperous world where Bots handled all labor. As people grew bored with their newfound leisure, they reprogrammed the Bots to play games, sparking a cultural phenomenon. This pastime evolved into RoboKiden, a popular sport that drew global audiences to KIDEN STADIUMS, where games were streamed constantly. The introduction of GIANTS, massive former construction mechs, added a thrilling aspect to the sport. However, society’s reliance on Bots for entertainment led to its downfall, causing chaos and the eventual shutdown of the games and stadiums.

Years later, in the dreary world of Monotopia, where fun was forbidden, a brilliant engineer named Ishani rediscovered the blueprints for RoboKiden. Venturing into the abandoned Alpha Island, she reactivated the stadium and its GIANTS, attracting a group of misfits who shared her vision of returning the games. Together, they revived RoboKiden, broadcasting it across Monotopia through pirate radio, rekindling excitement and curiosity among the populace, despite opposition from those wary of repeating history.

Game Overview

RoboKiden’s journey began under the name Project ST, an ambitious endeavor by Elixir Games to create a unique multiplayer experience. With a vision to merge high-octane gameplay with the latest blockchain tech, Elixir Games rebranded the project to RoboKiden. This rebranding marks a significant milestone in their quest to deliver an engaging and immersive game that stands out in the crowded multiplayer market.

Elixir Games, known for their innovative approach to game development, has poured their expertise into RoboKiden. Their goal? To create a game that entertains and integrates the benefits of blockchain technology, offering players true ownership of in-game assets.

Gameplay Mechanics

At its core, RoboKiden is a third-person shooter that emphasizes team-based matches and strategic MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) elements. Each match is a 10-minute adrenaline rush where five players control a single mecha, working together to outmaneuver and outgun the opposing team. The game’s mechanics are designed to keep players on their toes, with fast-paced action and various tactical options.

RoboKiden has diverse characters, each bringing unique abilities to the battlefield. Players can choose characters that suit their playstyle and strategy. This variety ensures that every match offers something new and exciting.

But what’s a battle without some wacky weapons and bots? RoboKiden doesn’t disappoint in this department. Players can arm their mechas with quirky weapons and deploy specialized bots like Blastbots, Medbots, and Techbots to gain the upper hand in combat. My favorite weapon is the Slimificator, the ultimate slime machine with a high rate of fire. Sounds like fun!

Unique Features

One of RoboKiden’s standout features is Giant Mode. Players can take control of massive robots capable of unleashing devastating abilities such as Frenzy Rockets and Mega Beams. These giants add an extra layer of strategy and excitement to the game, making every match a thrilling spectacle.

RoboKiden also utilizes special islands and in-game events. These elements ensure that no two matches are identical, providing fresh challenges and opportunities for players to showcase their skills.

Blockchain Integration

RoboKiden isn’t just another multiplayer game; it’s also at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology into mainstream gaming. Central to this integration is $KIDEN, the game’s primary utility token. Players can earn $KIDEN tokens through gameplay and use them to purchase in-game items, loot boxes, and NFTs. This system enhances the gaming experience by providing tangible rewards and true ownership of digital assets.

Elixir Games has strategically partnered with Ava Labs, leveraging the Avalanche blockchain to enhance RoboKiden’s capabilities. This partnership ensures seamless, low-latency gameplay and robust digital ownership rights, setting a new standard for blockchain gaming.

Release Information

Mark your calendars for July 2024, when RoboKiden officially launches on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. The game’s crossplay support means you can battle it out with friends across different platforms, ensuring a broad player base.

Final Thoughts

RoboKiden could be poised to become the next big thing in multiplayer gaming, offering a unique blend of fast-paced action, strategic depth, and blockchain integration. With its official launch just around the corner, now is the perfect time to take a deeper look by following RoboKiden on social media, joining their community on Discord, and visiting the official website.

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