Rochelle Lokele Wagner of LOKAHI LEAF & CRYSTALZ, Discusses the Healing Power of Plants and Finding Life’s Purpose

Rochelle and her daughter Crystal are the owners of LOKAHI LEAF & CRYSTALZ. These two brands have embraced the true meaning of love and self-care. 

Rochelle elaborates, “People are realizing the power we possess within ourselves to heal naturally using things in nature. Our business sprung from the desire to heal me and my family. We used to be athletes and grew up on the beaches of California and Hawaii, where we felt grounded and peaceful by the ocean. We understood that nature was the source of healing and peace.” 

We offer a full line of CBD products.

“I have facilitated every department of these two brands from the ground up,” Rochelle explains. “All aspects of production have been thoroughly researched, from product development and creation to the grow room,” Rochelle shares. 

Lokahi Leaf offers an entire collection of products, such as wellness tinctures & topicals, edibles, pet care, skincare, bath & body, and men’s care. It is a lifestyle brand with numerous options to bring CBD into your family and lifestyle. 

“It’s about returning to nature and becoming one with it. Everyone deserves an escape. Most people only go on vacation for a couple of weeks to experience paradise. Lokahi is living life with balance, everyday mind, body and spirit,” she explains.

It’s been a long road with many stepping stones. 

Rochelle says she gave birth to premature twins (Niko & Crystal) and that they became her driving force for everything. “When Crystal was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, we began looking for a natural solution. We found that CBD and natural plant-based products were extremely therapeutic,” Rochelle explains.  

“After finding this natural medicine, my daughter suggested I share this with the world. There are so many people searching for natural alternatives to treat chronic pain. Our daughter can now live a life free of seizures and muscle spasms prescription-free.”

Alternative healing and beauty is an industry to watch closely as it has gone from taboo to the mainstream. 

“So many people have been on their own personal journey towards healing for decades, Rochelle,” says. “Now that this industry is so popular, I hope those who were there from the beginning see themselves reflected in its success. Rochelle states that those who suffer from chronic pain should feel justified in using natural alternatives, such as CBD. 

“Having a child with Cerebral Palsy is the most challenging job I have ever had, but it’s also been the most influential, inspiring, motivating force with the most significant rewards. As a single mother of three exceptional children, I always had them at the forefront of my mind. Living at home with Crystal, we started to think about the next chapter of our lives. She was the one that suggested I use all my skills gained throughout my career to start a business.” 

“So, I reflected on the idea, and then Crystal said, ‘Why don’t you launch the product that changed my life? You’ve always been passionate about knocking down walls for me. Take that passion into the world.”

I have always felt transformed in water.

Rochelle describes the journey, “During this process, Crystal asked if she could start a business too. I said sure, what do you want to do? She wheeled off and said, ‘I don’t know.’ She returned days later and said, ‘I want to make bath products because I’ve always felt transformed in water.’ Her condition responds differently in water and has always been part of her therapeutic process. So, we launched Crystalz.”

“Now, we work together to build these brands for others in search of natural healing. Crystal and I are partners in this journey. We get up every day and work together collaboratively. I love seeing her experience the world, and learning together is a joy. There is nothing more rewarding than watching her thrive and have a purpose. Providing real-life opportunities gives value to Crystal’s legacy.” 

“My other children are very supportive and used their talents to help paint her vision as well. Niko is an IT expert, and Mateo is a world-class graphic designer,” she explains. 

Rochelle ends by saying, “I believe that success is a very personal and intimate description defined by the beholder. I believe it looks different for everyone based on what drives their passion. For me, success is leaving my family a legacy of love for one another and the means to explore the planet.”

“Have a lot of fun, be happy, and most of all live Lokahi.”

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