Rocking the World With his Rob Glow Look, is LA-based Pro MUA, Rob Sargsyan

We all know that there is a lot of competition in the makeup industry these days because almost everyone is trying this art, wanting to excel in a particular field and dominate the other substitutes available in the market.

However, no amount of competition can actually beat Rob Sargsyan because he has been dominating the very same industry for wedding makeup for the longest time now and giving other makeup artists, both beginners and pros a high standard to look up to.

Rob has worked on different projects and with time he got interested in wedding makeup. Currently, he is an important part of Los Angeles’ wedding makeup industry. He is considered trustworthy and a lot of business comes in just from recommendations by his clients.

This His skills have brought him to do commercials, film promotions, international masterclasses, red carpet events, runway shows and TV shows like America’s Got Talent. His biggest achievement is that he has been recognized in multiple wedding magazines due to the looks that he creates.

The most popular product from his brand is the Rob-Glow Book, a multipurpose palette perfect for professional MUAs as well as makeup newbies. This palette has all that will guide makeup lovers in developing the Rob-Glow look at home. The set consists of five products: bronzer, highlighter, blush, lip liner, and gloss.

FacesbyRob guarantees that these products are made with a lot of love and care. A highly efficient team works to keep a check on the products which are practically designed to make your skin feel good and provide hydration. The rich pigmented goods that are outstanding on different skin tones are astounding attraction points!

Having a good social media presence has actually played a very positive role because his list of clients keeps on growing, and not just celebrities, but well-known cosmetic brands like Guess, Sephora and Dose of Colours have also acknowledged him as an individual who has a lot of skill and talent in makeup artistry. In fact, some of the brands have also named him as an influential makeup artist to use him for the advertisement campaigns, so outstretched is his reach.

Make sure to check out all the products, you will certainly know why Rob Sargsyan is one of the most popular makeup artists not only in Los Angeles but all over the world.

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