Rohit Goyal Is Doing Something Extraordinary With His Social Media Strategies

As it is rightly said there is no predetermined path to success, you have to make one for yourself. In this modern world where many still struggle to determine their path of success, we bring you a story of 22-year-old entrepreneur and digital marketing assistant who has already reached crescendo of his success.

Can you really think that memes would actually make a brand? No, right? But, Rohit Goyal’s vision and hard work has made it possible. The popularity and relevance memes hold in today’s world owing to their relatability and sarcasm cannot be undermined and Rohit exactly used them to build his own brand.

Rohit Goyal, CEO of AS MARKETING, one of the top and best marketing firms in India shares his story of success. He was born in Panipat, Haryana in a business family. While many would cash in on their family’s businesses, he decided to walk on a path that he wanted to create for himself. He says, “After graduating from BBA, my aim was to do something different, I wanted to start my own venture, that’s why I didn’t join my family business and what ahead with what I intended to do.”

Rohit was deeply involved in analysing social media trends and content since his college days. Therefore in 2016, he decided to launch his page “THE ADULT SOCIETY’ on Instagram owing to changing digital marketing trends in India. He says,” During that time I noticed many changes, digital marketing was not limited to promotions and stuff only, but it was more than that, it was about creating content, content people relate to, content people actually want to lighten up their lives.”

Initially, he didn’t think of it as a business venture, but only wanted to increase his page’s reach, by providing quality content. Soon the page blew up on Instagram with its memes flooding all over social media and one of the most prominent meme pages on the Internet. Currently the page has over 6 million+ followers , engaging most users aged between 18 to 24 years. The popularity is such that it is followed by many Bollywood celebrities as well, which includes likes of Arjun Kapoor, Malaika Arora Khan, and B Praak to name a few.

The page has just achieved this amount success within 4 years of its establishment. Talking about the success of his page, Rohit says, “I am proud of what I have achieved but I would like to tell you, nothing can be achieved overnight. Me and my team work a lot to serve people what they want. We try to create the best content possible which is funny and relatable at the same time. And it is the people who create any brand. I am thankful to each of the follower on my page who supported my content from day 1.”

He says that this motivates him further to achieve more and never stop working in a positive direction. Apart from Instagram, the digital sensation has also a strong network on YouTube as well with over 35K subscribers going by the same name The Adult Society. Rohit is indeed the perfect example of “never stop working for your dreams till you achieve success.”

He concludes by saying, “You have to believe in yourself and in your dreams in order to achieve them, there is no shortcut to success, only hard work, dedication and perseverance can lead you to the path of success and nothing else.”

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