Roi Ben David is an Israeli Video Games and Apps Developer, Apple Certified Support Professional and Technician.

Roi Ben David

The way technology and the internet have evolved over the last decade, has allowed an array of video games and apps developers to make their marks in the hyper-competitive market. So while the digital age continues to expand, who are the people making the rise with it?

The answer is simple: the power belongs to individuals capable of shifting and influencing the public opinion. Capitalizing on this shift is Roi Ben David, an Apple Certified Support Professional

who spends his time solving Apple products problems for his clients. In a short span of time, he has shaped and built his own field.

Roi has done work far beyond his age. In fact, he already holds the keys to his own empire. Most recently he has released a game “Fast Fox” on Google Play and App Store, where fox needs help to reach the end of the road, without hitting obstacles on the way. Also, you need to accumulate as many fruits as possible to move on to the next level. It has already drawn some serious attention from the people.

Born on 23 January 1997, Roi Ben David is an Apple-certified support professional and technician who has made a name for himself in the tech support field. It is said that “Technology in great hands can be transformational” and Roi has a great sense and understanding of programming and technology. 

Roi shares that “Programming is a skill best acquired by practice and example rather than from books”. What he has done in the past has determined his present. He got his first job at Google as a programmer and customer service provider. His programming skills and support work have attracted his seniors in the company across several tasks they have worked with him. 

In just a few months, Roi has already become a thought leader of technology and a widely recognized Support Professional and Technician when it comes to Apple products. He currently works at iDigital, an Apple Premium Reseller, as an Expert, since 2018. He has shared his love and interest in using and working with Apple products and wants to impart that excitement about technology to others. 

Roi’s background illustrates just how passionate and talented he is. Seemingly living on a fast track, he’s grown up knowing how to bring eye-catching value to the table while still being attentive to detail. In his spare time, he develops applications, games, and websites. He brings meaningful technology.

People at the forefront of any industry will take you more seriously if you can take initiative and hard work. And that’s just what Roi Ben David does. One thing is for sure, however the technology space changes, it is certain that Roi Ben David will be there, leading the charge.

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