Roman Cresto and His Rise to Building an E-Commerce Empire

Over the past few years, the digital world has shifted business and the possibilities attached to it. Those who have used their ambition to take advantage of this shift will likely see their business boom. But what separates the success from the scarce, is grit and commitment. While adopting these uncommon traits as a young entrepreneur, Roman Cresto has experienced his business take off quickly. One thing that separates him from many other business owners is the eagerness to constantly improve all areas of his life. Having a clear focus and pure intention throughout the journey is what brought him to where he is now as a 21 year old multi-million dollar business owner. 

Disciplined Is an Understatement

Cresto always intends to seek opportunity for growth and implement the tools necessary for positive change, knowing that it will not always be easy. He understands that the difficult work, dedication, and decision making are all necessary to build a successful ecommerce business. He has also learned that working on his mind and body is just as critical. Cresto emphasizes the importance of spirituality and health as the hidden keys that can make all the difference in business success. While elaborating, he states that “You as a human being are the vessel that will push the business forward. It’s much easier to  reach your business or professional goals when you focus on personally improving in each  aspect of your life including your health and spirituality.” As he masters various areas of life, he shares the newly gained knowledge with his students so they can acquire success in their lives as well. 

As a mentor to over 300 other entrepreneurs, Cresto maintains discipline and illustrates what it takes to be a successful leader and business owner. In 2018, he dropped out of one of the best engineering schools in the country to pursue making money in the online world. He explored dropshipping and selling on Amazon which is how he discovered that this field was untapped with a lot of potential for profit. Without hesitation, he put his head down and began building Empire Ecommerce. In less than one year, he produced his first six figures. By 20 years old, Cresto was generating millions in online sales. He cultivated a team of over 300 virtual employees for the business operations to run smoothly. Now his company manages over 140 automated Amazon businesses for their clients. His company also focuses on teaching Amazon selling as a means to achieving financial freedom with over 200 consulting clients serviced in 2 years. Some of their top consulting clients have produced $300k in just their first few months of selling. 

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Alongside the business benefits and creating impact for others, Cresto has also expanded his personal accomplishments. Before turning 21, he found a passion for cars and was able to purchase a 2020 McLaren 600lt. While working towards his own achievements, he kept his friends and family in mind as well. He set up automated Amazon stores for his close family members and friends, which generate millions in sales collectively. He quickly grew a passion for helping and teaching others, which provides true fulfillment. Cresto hustled to get to where he is by utilizing different tools and skills to learn and grow. 

He never avoided the obstacles that were presented while building his empire. It was understood that this was an undeniable part of business. In order to effectively deal with the stress from work and life, he began learning how to optimize his mind and body. Through meditation and hypnosis, he is able to train his brain. Meditation can enhance well-being while producing a state of relaxation. Self hypnosis allows the unconscious mind to receive positive thoughts and ideas. There are also 15-20 daily supplements and nootropics that he consumes, which aid in optimizing brain performance and boosting immunity. Exercise is also regularly incorporated into his lifestyle, which plays a role in reducing stress as well. With a constant drive to develop his mind and body, these practices breed his peak performance along with various other biohacks that he believes gives him a huge edge over other entrepreneurs.

A Dime A Dozen

When Cresto’s entrepreneur journey began, he was an 18 year old college dropout. He is not your typical online guru. Instead, he is a determined entrepreneur who embraces the hard work while seeking growth and impact. As he continued embracing his evolving journey, he added value to family and others who aspire to succeed. His work ethic quickly transformed him into a multi-million dollar business owner. Having a set focus on improving his mind and body transferred to a business mindset. He effectively overcame all of the hardships through trial and error. These experiences formed a leader who advanced his lifestyle and showed others how to implement these lessons to discover their own success. Moving forward, Cresto will continue to expand his business, mind, and body while breeding successful entrepreneurs.

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