Ron E Is Outworking The Competition On His Way To The Top

Ron E became fascinated with music

In the early stages of his life, Ron E became fascinated with music, which only grew as he got older. He began his musical career on the drums before moving on to singing in his church choir and at Renaissance EMS. He and his band “Exit 21” used to put together cover songs and sing harmonies, which earned them millions of views across various platforms and enticed followers worldwide. After getting a taste of what it’s like to tour internationally, Ron E decided to branch out and launch his solo career in 2019.

Ron E is putting all he has into making his solo career one to remember, having been given the opportunity to do what he loves. He’s had his share of setbacks along the way, but he’s determined to make his ambitions a reality.

“The most difficult thing I’ve had to overcome was dealing with instances when others questioned my vision and what I believed was best for me,” Ron E explains. He aims to ignore the naysayers and continue to focus on himself and his music in order to be the greatest musician he can be.

Ron E is currently an independent artist that has had the opportunity to collaborate with some of the industry’s best producers. He attributes much of his early success to their abilities to develop and engineer his sound properly.

Many aspiring artists do not have the luxury of that, but Ron E has been lucky due to past relationships. Don’t get it twisted; Ron E brings lyrical skills to the table to match his music’s world-class production. Ron has a melodious flow comparable to Chris Brown, who is one of his main influences.

2021 has been good to the young artist thus far. He has released his new track, “Only You,” which has a lively, up-tempo sound that will get everyone dancing this summer. Ron E has his sights set ahead with plenty of upcoming releases.

He intends to provide his greatest work to date and solidify his reputation in the profession with a mega-hit.  It will be fascinating to watch this young artist develop into the position he has envisioned. Until then, keep an eye on Ron E for all of the newest news and information on the artist.

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