Roqy Tyraid’s “Tyraid Tuesday” Series Speaks For Itself

You can call  Roqy Tyraid a man without an era, but I wouldn’t. I’d call him a man who lives within several. His name was coined with the help of a golden era legend in Chino XL. He first really bubbled in the blog era but not quite early enough for that to be an end all be all (like some others…) with regards to his ascent to stardom. And he fires off quality at the consistent rate required to attain relevance today. He doesn’t expect this to be handed to him but wants to make it plain as day that he’s going all-in to get it one way or another.

Tyraid faces a similar quagmire with regards to style. There is a golden era sensibility and a technically advanced style, but there’s an eclecticism and a willingness to experiment there that keeps him from fitting into a given box too neatly.

Some listeners don’t have the patience and others may wrongfully assume that all of his songs sound like the first verse they heard from Roqy. This is an artist that may pull you in off rip with his obvious skillset but also requires a keen ear and patience to fully digest.

Roqy Tyraid has received love from the likes of Sway and 9th Wonder, certified Hip Hop legends. He’s played shows all over the country and the world and has collaborated with/worked alongside trailblazers like Anderson .Paak and DJ Green Lantern. Tyraid is dope, consistent, calculated, and determined and perhaps the most shining example of this (in recent memory) is his “Tyraid Tuesdays” freestyle series:


Tyraid Tuesday is a dedication of consistency from artist to listener. The first week begins with a proclamatory statement which is a freestyle over the hallowed ground that is Jay-Z’s “You, Me, Him & Her” instrumental. A move considered a faux pas by today’s standards, but this is where Roqy Tyraid triumphs by proving himself qualified to utilize this historic Roc La Familia piece.

Complex display of lyricism and subject matter ranging from social justice woes to dancing around the subject of being The Southwest’s best rapper. It’s to be noted he alludes to taking time away from creative duties to participate in the civil rights movement in Phoenix, AZ throughout 2020.


In the second installment of Tyraid Tuesday,  Roqy doubles down on his proclamation of being one of the best writers in the culture, with an impressive display of skill over Jack Harlow & Lil Baby’s “Face of My City.”

This is where he succeeds at showing his dexterity as a writer and refusal to be siloed in the “boom bap” subgenre. Towards the end of this installment, we see Roqy Tyraid break down the police brutality case of Phoenix, AZ’s Dion Johnson, which occurred the same fateful day as George Floyd in May 2020.


Tyraid Tuesday 3 is one for the books. Roqy Tyraid spends the entirety of the record going nuclear over the events which conspired in the civil rights movement of his city of Phoenix, AZ.  This may be the highlight of the series thus far, as not only does he show creative dexterity yet again, but drops bombs on the police corruption and political prosecution that took place throughout 2020.

All over a dub of UK grime legend Wiley’s “Holy Grime.” It is this moment that solidifies Roqy Tyraid’s penmanship as he once again shows his capability to do anything he sets his mind to, including entering the chat for top rapper conversations.

Tyraid Tuesday 4 “Victor Sweet”

Roqy breaks the expected dance routine and goes in the direction of a full-fledged record. This being a dub of UK grime producer Silence / Teddy’s “Martian” which features Tommy B. This episode is special because it’s the first in a series of records that showcases his improved ability to construct records outside of the realm of “boom bap.”
An infectiously catch hook solidified his position in the minds of his ever-growing band of listeners as someone to bet on. This record is currently earning him well-deserved love from overseas as grime fans recognize when someone is genuinely influenced by the culture and seeks to further bridge the international gap.


Roqy Tyraid deserves his flowers right now for this “Tyraid Tuesday” series. A hallmark of our current era is high volume content but often at the expense of quality, not the case here. Tyraid continues to step correct while working at a breakneck pace, further separating himself from the pack by showing and proving with the best of them.

Look for this series to continue as he continues to earn his place alongside some of the game’s finest lyricists. If he can keep this up, then I fully expect Roqy Tyraid to garner the success, equity, and lifestyle that he’s worked so tirelessly to attain. Keep up by supporting a real one below:

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