Roshaan Saeed – An Amazing Community Strategist, and Outstanding Product Designer

Roshaan Saeed kick-started her career as a blogger, and all her earnings came from AdSense and a part-time she did when she had a profound realization about wanting something different from her life. Roshaan wanted something beyond her mundane 9 to 5 routine, and that’s how her story began.

Roshaan went off to polish her ideas and started meeting people with similar mindsets and mentors who guided her about entrepreneurship. As time went by, Roshaan Saeed founded her first-ever community-based initiative and platform for designers and artists, ‘Stippple.’

The initiative is not limited to any gender, it highly encourages women to unleash their potential through mentorship and showcase their work to International Audience which will ultimately lead to more earning and an improved lifestyle.

Another exciting thing about this extraordinary entrepreneur is that she is a self-taught designer. Roshaan Saeed aka, Roshaan Sheikh, choose her niche UI/UX design when the industry was still very new to this concept. She was one of the torchbearers who created awareness about UI/UX and the difference between Graphic Designing and UI/UX Designing.

Nowadays, incubated at the National Incubation Center (NIC), Islamabad where her proactive interaction with startups has helped her earn the post of ‘Startup Community Engagement Lead’. This is a leadership position where she worked with her incubation center’s management to organize various social and professional events within the facility to help fellow startups.

As of now, Roshaan Saeed is working with Afiniti as Sr. Product Architect, an Artificial Intelligence-based US organization. Featured as the Wonder Woman in Afiniti, she has always delivered a remarkable job at what she does. Her previous undertakings include CRMs and ERPs for the medical services and big data industry. Her past few projects also include Al-Jazeera, Gulf Group, Hugo, BabyScripts & Madar Farms, for which she worked as a UX Engineer.

Professionally, Roshaan Saeed joined the SEEDS venture as a mentor, where she taught high school kids how to hone their entrepreneurial skills and excel in the competition. This year that team is in the finals competing for 200,000 PKR.

Roshaan is also an ambassador of Sketch in Pakistan and has hosted and curated a few global creative communities like Dribbble, Fiverr, Glug, and Creative Community Pakistan to empower the creatives in town.

With all her achievements throughout her career journey, Roshaan Saeed kept one motive, to ensure that women entrepreneurs break the shackles that society has put around them and unlock their hidden potential. Setting her story as an example of the power women hold, Roshaan Saeed has proved to be the best in the field.

Winning endless no. of challenges in her life, Roshaan has now become the one and only woman from Pakistan with a nomination for Globant Awards! Representing her country for the very first time, where before it wasn’t even listed on the website, Roshaan is now one of the finalists for the award. For more information about her journey, visit her Instagram and Facebook.

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