Rounak Roy: The Affiliate Coach Who’ll Bring You Your First Online Dollars

Rounak Roy

You don’t have to chase your dreams alone. In fact, it’s better if you don’t, and the reason why is simple: 

Learning from someone who’s accomplished what you have using the same vehicle to get there will almost always speed up your progress. Rounak Roy, for example, is an affiliate marketing coach based in Kolkata, India. Since 2016, he’s built his career as a solid affiliate marketer, placing as the top promoter on affiliate platforms like JVZoo, Warrior Plus, and Digistrore24, across multiple niches while promoting multiple products. 

Today, Rounak enjoys $700 days (over twice as much as his average countryman does in a month) and helps aspiring affiliates experience similar success. Naturally, reaching out to Rounak for help as a budding affiliate marketer would be common sense but unfortunately, this isn’t so clear-cut. 

Today, asking for help is seen as weak in many circles. Of course, this is far from true. If anything, it’s a sign of strength. You’ve put your ego aside, understanding that you need help, and must get that help from someone who knows more than you and if you’re looking to get involved with affiliate marketing, Rounak is that someone.

For his mentees, he’ll prepare a 3-day long live training, teaching them step-by-step how to embark on their journeys as affiliate marketers. He also gives them proven, tried, and tested, done for you resources such as funnels and swipe emails to help them get ahead. He also – and most “gurus” would charge an arm and a leg for this – offers LIFETIME support for anyone he’s coached. You see, he’s so passionate about his mentees’ success, he’s willing to lead them by the hand to their goals, no matter how tough it gets, or how long he has to do so. 

However, if you want to truly benefit from the help of coaches like Rounak, then you must be coachable. This means being open-minded enough to try new things, and take on honest feedback, instead of seeing it as an attack. Remember; if you knew everything, and your success systems and processes were flawless, the idea of “help” wouldn’t have crossed your mind in the first place. 

Now, if you consider yourself coachable and are willing to invest in yourself, this automatically puts you ahead of the pack. You’re also the type of person Rounak loves helping. So, if you’re interested in discovering more about affiliate marketing, you can connect with him at the links below.

Typically, he helps newbies make their first commissions as an affiliate within 30 days of working with him – you could be next. 



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