Roy Vanono’s Journey from Humble Beginnings to Being the CEO of Jumbo Stock

Behind many successful people, there’s a humble beginning. But what is it about humble beginnings that make them such a formidable springboard to success? Perhaps it’s the potential that lies pulsating inside modest surroundings that encourages people to break forth from their shell of modesty and make the world sit up and take notice. Well, whatever the reason, there are many humble to humongous stories that have been written on the walls of history and many that are still being written today. Roy Vanono’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming the CEO of Jumbo Stock, one of Israel’s pre-eminent shopping networks, has all the fixings of an adventure gone right.

Vanono was born in 1983 in the Tel Aviv district of Israel. Growing up, he saw the power that money and fame can command. Coming from a fairly tight-knit home and a neighbourhood where dreamers lay abound, Vanono was struck by an intense passion to find his true calling and give it his all. He says, “I think I was very young when I realized that people love novelty. We always carried gifts when we visited extended families in Tel Aviv. This simple gesture filled them with spirited joy. I loved that. And since they were responding well to my choices, I started to feel there’s something I can do with it.”

Many more such realizations were to come his way before Vanono decided to dedicate his life to Jumbo Stock, which he describes as “a chain that offers a very wide range of quality products and designed at affordable prices, in different categories for the whole family.” Vanono founded his dream venture in 2015 and became its CEO. Today, it’s a household name in Israel and boasts of franchises in parts of Tel Aviv, Rishon Lezion, Ashdod, Rehovot, Beer Sheva, Hadera, Carmiel, and Ashkelon.

In 2019, Vanono decided to add a digital dimension to his venture and started an online store called Jumbo Online to help his customers “furnish and equip your dream home without getting up from the couch.” As a mega-achiever, Vanono has understood that the power of dreams and hard work can transform life and make it more meaningful and successful.

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