RPCC Media Cell Will Definitely Play a Key Role in Upcoming Elections in India: Abhas Bhatnagar

In today’s time, social media has taken shape not only as a status symbol but also as a necessity. Before elections, many political parties make their efforts to reach the people through social media.

During the last assembly elections held in Rajasthan state of India, social media played an important role.

In the recent farmers movement, the part of “social media volunteers” of Rajasthan cannot be ignored. Abhas Bhatnagar, associated with the social media of Rajasthan Congress, says, “Technology and social media in the country have increased the participation of youth in politics in the last few years.”

He said that whether it’s the farmers’ movement or the issue related to the Opposition, and to make the public aware, Congress Social Media Volunteers have played an essential role in all these matters.

Former State Coordinator Abhas Bhatnagar is associated with the IT Cell of Indian National Congress Party in Rajasthan  State. He had worked very closely in the last elections of Rajasthan.

Abhas was a state executive member in the state Congress’s communications department in 2013. In the same year, he played a vital role in the assembly elections as a member of the state election campaign committee and took charge of social media.

Considering his contribution, the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress Committee gave him many responsibilities and made him the Social Media Coordinator in 2017.

He contributed a vital role to win the assembly elections in 2018. Abhas was also very-close to former Deputy Chief Minister and former state president of INC Rajasthan Mr Sachin Pilot during elections.

In the Ajmer LokSabha by-poll election, he carried out his responsibilities for Ajmer constituency and the party won by 84,414 votes and Dr. Raghu Sharma became MP of Ajmer. Reiterating his efficient strategy, he also proved himself in the 2018 assembly election campaign. The Congress Party won by huge votes, especially in Sachin Pilot’s Assembly Tonk and Dr. Raghu Sharma’s Assembly.

After completing B.Tech, Abhas Bhatnagar also worked in multinational companies like Ericsson and Wipro and then came into politics and chose Congress Party.

After the court proposed temporary ban on the 3 farmers bills, Abhas gave credit to the social media and said that there was a lot of misleading propaganda on the social media about the ‘Kisan Andolan.’ Many times some such pictures also came out to derail the Kisan movement, but the Congress Volunteers of the state presented every news in public with the truth. Abhas said, “We are pleased that we are part of a team where we can put our point in front of many people.

Whether it is about the ‘Kisan Andolan’ or the last assembly elections, the fact check means a lot to me. “Every person in the country has a smartphone today, and through this, we prevent people from reaching misleading news.” He said “We are fighting a system which has a stock of resources and we cannot compete with them in any way. The spirit of our youth team is there, we have the strength, and with the same strength, we will fight it.”

Not only this, he says about fake accounts, many times, the truth has to face propaganda. We refute those that come from the opposition IT cell. Many times such misleading lies are spread by morphing the video, which confuses the public. You understand the power of social media, there have been many such incidents which have reached the press after going viral on social media. He said that the worker of IT cell acts like a soldier and has formed a team of 100-100 people who believe in Congress ideology in all the districts of Rajasthan. Around 2500 volunteers are directly connected with him in the state.

He said that today 65 % of the population belongs to the youth and social media is very popular among the youth, keeping in mind that social media should be used maximum.

Have done work on these essential responsibilities:

· Started at NSUI in 2006.

· He Became “State Vice President” of Sports Cell of “Pradesh Congress” in 2007.

· Became General Secretary of Training Department in 2012.

· In 2013, he was nominated from the state in the Department of Communication, headed by Ajay Makan.

· In 2013, he joined the state election campaign committee formed for assembly elections.

· He was given charge of executing Social Media campaign by the Rajasthan Pradesh Congress in 2017.

Abhas Also operated the official website of Rajasthan Pradesh Congress, authorized Facebook page and authorized Twitter-handle. Today these pages have  almost millions of followers. He is currently working with Rajasthan Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma. He said that we never let propaganda dominate the party’s values

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