RSM Aka Saqib Malik Is Turning The Tables As He Brings Tremendous Change In The Digital Marketing World

The contemporary realm of social media holds profuse information. But channelizing the scores of information that the digital media giants store in themselves in not everyone’s cup of tea. Someone with the right skills combined with professional-calibre gets the win. Saqib Malik is one such victorious and prolific digital media baron.

Saqib Malik is a young serial entrepreneur from England who, right from his early teenage days, stepped in to narrow the gap between smart and hard work. He mentions ‘Smart work has always got an upper hand over hard work.’

We’ve all probably heard that success is the culmination of small results day in and day out. Saqib Malik’s success in the digital marketing industry is just one aspect of his impressive portfolio of achievements. Whether it be music production to artist management or public relations to web development, Real Saqib Malik, as he is better known, has done it all.

Saqib is the Director of ‘Prestige Perfections’, the top-notch digital marketing company in the United Kingdom that focuses on the growth of celebs, artists, and businesses. ‘Our priority is to meet the client’s requirements and strategic objectives at any cost while working on long-term relationship building’, says Saqib Malik. Prestige Perfections is known for always offering a win-win to its clients. This has made big names of various industries come and work with Saqib’s pioneer company.

Prestige Perfections has served stellar celebs and brands of the world. To name a few, Juicy J, Travis Scott,  24hrs, Chloe Crowhurst, Billyracxx, June James, Pitbull, Janet Jackson, DJ shadow, Empire Distribution, Warner Bros, Think It’s A Game Records, Latium Entertainment, & 300 Entertainment top the list. ‘Saqib’s knack to deeply understand our requirements and his company’s outright competence to offer us custom solutions has made him the go-to expert when we need digital assistance for our projects’, said one of the brand’s directors that Saqib has worked with.

A regular entrepreneur is not what defines Saqib Malik, he is ahead of that. As Prestige was just not enough, he went on to establish his name in the Mass Media world by setting up ‘Clout News’ in 2019 which has now become a premium news portal on the internet reporting on Business, Tech, Sports, Politics, Entertainment and what not. You name it, Clout has got it.

Clout News is growing bigger and bigger by the time you are reading this. With well over a million readers, even global stars from Bollywood and Hollywood have expressed their fascination with the news portal including Katrina Kaif, Shraddha Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan, Ali Levine, Cindy Cowan, Diana Penty, Mandana Karimi, and more.

Another such pursuit that Saqib endeavoured on to was now the grand successful web hosting service called ‘Hosting Vender’. It is the most reliable web hosting service in the entire United Kingdom with the cheapest prices. The mega-powerful and bespoke platform of Hosting Vender has been developed by experts with over twenty years of industry experience.

Let’s face it. The world needs more individuals who have the audacity to take their dreams head-on and accomplish them like Saqib Malik. After all, it’s the possibility of having a dream come true that keeps us alive and has made Saqib the 21st century’s digital media bigwig

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