Ruchi Sharma Deconstructs The Meaning Of Eat Fit Repeat – A Healthy Lifestyle!

Eat Fit Repeat aims at providing realistic nutrition to people who are looking for a better lifestyle for themselves- physically, mentally and emotionally.

The ideology behind naming Eat Fit Repeat is- EAT refers to eating everything we have been having while growing up and not eliminating any food groups, FIT refers to us being active physically, mentally & emotionally, REPEAT the above two to make it a lifestyle and improve its quality. 

The relationship between good nutrition, workout and wellbeing is a direct relationship, meaning that they both follow each other in a way that if one increases the other will multiply accordingly. This happens in a way that if you increase your nutrients, the workout must be improved and increased accordingly to balance the calorie intake.

Stand alone, good nutrition such as whole foods, fruits and vegetables is no doubt mandatory for overall well being, however balancing it with some other aspects can enhance the health benefits of nutrition and it helps inculcate a healthy lifestyle. 


Calories are the base for any nutrition plan and creating a caloric deficit is necessary for losing fat. But a lot of us, focus on “HOW MANY” calories they consume per day instead of paying attention towards how these calories are being ingested through various means. So understanding ‘What you put in your body?’ is really important.

The two things that need to be understood here are “calorie dense” and “nutrient Dense”. For example, a handful of candies and the same quantity of any protein source can have an equal calorie count but the nutrition varies in a way that candies are lacking in nutrients but are caloric dense. However, protein sources on the other hand are nutrient dense with the same caloric count. 

Also take into account that It takes only few minutes to consume hundreds of calories that then takes hours and days to burn them off. For instance, You workout for an hour and burn 300-400calories. You get back home and have a piece of brownie so just ate back those calories in literally less than a minute (vs that strenuous 1 hour workout.)

Physical activity along with the right nutrition will help you stay fit, active and healthy at the same time. 


Having a positive mindset when you get on to a transformation journey is most important. If you treat yourself negatively and don’t give yourself credit for your own fabulous fitness routine (no comparisons allowed), your body will probably respond in a similar way, with resistance and sluggishness. Celebrate all that you do and where you are in your fitness journey. Along with the will to work hard, patience and consistency are important too.


Exercise and diet both are important for long term weight loss and optimal health and well being. But working out regularly is much more than just losing weight, it’s a huge part of someone’s healthy & active lifestyle. Exercising can help with cardiovascular health, lymphatic health, gaining lean muscle mass, joint health & moreover, the Endorphins that are released while exercising also trigger a positive feeling in the body, which is great for mental health too.


Stress is not a bad thing, chronic stress is. Stress is a part and parcel of our lifestyles and we cannot avoid it. But where is the relation between negatively connotated stress and restful sleep?  Unmanaged & chronic Stress actually poses disastrous impact on sleep quality and duration. Stress and sleep deprivation are mutually interlinked in a way that stress may impact sleep quality and duration and vice versa.

Having said that, I actually intend to make clear that not only stress affects our sleep, but lack of sleep and rest can also originate from stress in masses. It can genuinely present awful physical and mental health problems.

A soothing and proper sleep has shown to facilitate various processes in the human body such as repairing tasks of muscles and mental processes like concentration. Missing enough sleep can pose different situations like, negative mood, concentration problems and a compromised brain function.

Moreover, if we don’t sleep enough, Ghrelin  (the ‘hunger’ hormone)

Goes up and Leptin (the ‘satiety’ hormone) goes down 

Hence aiming to get 7:00 to 9:00 Hours of quality sleep every night should be the goal for most of us.


No other thing can be more important than “staying hydrated” when it comes to workout and nutrition. Working out results in excess sweat secretion sometimes which in turn leads to excessive fluid loss from the body, so you need a little extra hydration to replenish the lost fluids while doing cardio, training and even throughout the day. Hydration is important to maintain regular blood volume, normal body temperature and proper muscle function. 

Aiming to have 3-4L of water daily depending upon bodyweight, activity, sweat, temperature etc. is a great starting point for most.

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