Ruddr Rathor is one of the Biggest Rising Stars in the Field of Performing Arts.

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Born Ruddr Singh Rathore, Ruddr lives with his elder brother in Delhi. While his childhood was far from privileged, that never stopped Ruddr from dreaming. Ever since he was a child, he hoped to see himself on the big screen someday.

And when he finally found a chance to showcase his talents on the stage, he just knew that he belonged there. Throughout his adolescent years, the theatre has been his closest place to his heart.

Rudrr has worked on various different productions of different plays and is on his way to becoming a mainstay in the theatre circuit. But as hinted above, things haven’t come easy for him. Coming from a predominantly middle-class household, Ruddr’s family has seen their share of struggles.

From a very young age, the burden of getting a degree to become the bread-earner in their family was imposed upon him. But that never stopped him from dreaming. As the abundantly energetic person he is, he kept on hustling towards his goals, working immensely hard to become an actor.

However, even after being so talented at what he does, he has received very little support from his family. They still urge him to get a degree to get a job. But that doesn’t worry him. So far he has balanced both sides very proficiently and he hopes to continue doing the same. But if asked to make a tradeoff between his academics and his prospective acting career, he says he will always pick his passion.

According to him, films teach him whatever he needs to learn from life. Great cinema is something that depicts a world that is so close to the real world that people fail to realize it at times. People are so lost in the illusions of their version of the world that they don’t seem to enjoy it when it is pointed out to them on the screen.

They don’t appreciate the very accurate depiction of the many sins they commit in their daily lives, things that seem very minute to them in their mundane lives, appear to them in a magnified manner on the big screen.

And that’s what Ruddr wants to achieve. He wants to portray reality, highlight the daily issues faced by people. And he is willing to work very hard for it. Currently, Ruddr Rathor is a leading creator on social media and people really seem to appreciate his work as his work. His work is the very testament to his passion for his job and the very hard work he puts in behind it.

We all have a thing or two to learn from this 18-year-old and we can only hope that he can replicate every bit of the wonderful vision he has.

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