Rudhrah Gourav Establishes Himself as a Multi-Faceted Entrepreneur, Scales Work on a Global Level

Rudhrah Gourav, at the young age of 25 is today acknowledged as a power house of expertise and talent. A youngster who dons and juggles several hats successfully – “digitalpreneur” Celebrity Manager, Social media influencer and the Founder Director, of Hours of News a highly popular and credible news website.

May we request you to introduce yourself to the readers?

 I started off with the focus of being an entrepreneur and making a mark for myself in any venture I undertook and I am blessed that till now whatever I have taken up has brought me a lot of recognition and given me immense satisfaction. My journey so far has been very eventful.

I was born on 28th February in Rupnagar, Punjab and completed my education from IT Punjab. They say that nothing works better for a budding entrepreneur more than inspiration and a role model, it holds very true in my case too.

My elder brother Rudrah Keshav was already an established entrepreneur with an immensely successful e commerce site, headquartered in the USA – MWOOP so he was my inspiration and role model. My passion for the digital space and my love for technology saw us both join forces to set up Media officers together, of which I was the co-founder

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