Running should be added to our daily life urges Lucknow health Run!!

Running for 5-10 minutes at 6 miles/hour every day can reduce the risk of death due to all causes. Founder Mohd Badar says that running can add 3-7 years to your life. This simple exercise can improve your physical and mental fitness by leaps and bounds.

Running releases endorphins, feel-good chemicals in your brain that not only improve your mood, but are excellent at helping to control cortisol. If endorphins are the good guys, cortisol is the wicked villain. The hormone is released when you’re stressed, triggering a cascade of negative effects on your skin, everything from increased inflammation to more breakouts to increased dullness to dryness. Innovation welfare Society believes Keeping cortisol in check with a regular running, not only will you feel better, mentally, but your skin will thank you, too.

Running is also is a great way to increase circulation and blood flow throughout your body, including to your skin, which translates to a glower, radiant complexion. We’ll happily log an extra mile or two for that. Organizers HBN events Pvt. Ltd. Says Running is an excellent way to reduce your bulging belly. It helps to strengthen the core muscles like the transverse abdominis, erector spinae, and the obliques that help tone and suck in your belly. Nothing equals running when it comes to reducing anxiety.

According to WHO, about 300 million people of all ages suffer from depression? Scientists have found that running can stimulate the release of serotonin, and is as effective psychotherapy in treating depression. Running helps strengthen the bones and joints. Numerous studies have found that it has the upper hand over walking or any other exercise when it comes to boosting the strength of the bones and joints.

You do not need a special suit, equipment or specific time to run. You can just run anytime and anywhere. You may run in the morning or evening, on the treadmill or in the park. In fact, if you are stressed out or feel depressed, run. Don’t bother if it is afternoon or midnight. Running is a great form of exercise, and you will surely love it says Mohd Badar – Director HBN Events Pvt Ltd. Of course, along with running, you must eat healthy and do strength training if you want to build muscle.
So, go get your running shoes and start running! Cheers!

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