Runway Waiters is Elevating Top-Tier Events Around the Country

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Finding the right models is the most crucial part of producing a successful fashion event. The right models can also provide a classy addition  to an event and take its elegance and glamor a notch high. That’s how the idea of Runway Waiters was conceived. The venture started with the aim to help high-end fashion brands connect to the best models for their events.

The idea soon caught on and impressed some of the biggest fashion brands globally, including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Adidas. These fashion and attire giants were connected with models from the top model agencies like Wilhelmina, Ford Models, NEXT Models, IMG Elite, Storm, and The Lions. Runway Waiters have now expanded from Los Angeles to across all major cities in America and Hawaii.

If you want to book them for an upcoming event or get a glimpse of their work, you can check out their page on Instagram or Facebook.

How The Idea of Runway Waiters Was Conceived

The idea of Runway Waiters was conceived to elevate the standard of high-end events and create a classy ambiance. This idea was an immediate hit among the models and the biggest fashion brands in the industry. Models are always on the lookout for jobs between their fashion shows, and fashion brands are always on the lookout to hire professional and elegant staff to glamourize their parties. It was a win-win deal for both the parties,

Runway Waiters has worked for some of the most exclusive brands and events in the world. The demand for Runway Waiters is seeing exponential growth with each passing year. In fact, sometimes their bookings are as high as 50 bookings on a single weekend.

What Makes Runway Waiters So Unique

Runway Waiters only work with models from the top modeling agencies like Wilhelmina, Ford Models, NEXT Models, etc. Models from these agencies are trained, and they can light up any event with their grace and charm.

What has kept them going is that they kept up with the changing trends. They first started with in-house events and then moved on to co-operate parties and private events. They soon branched out and ventured into production and hired the models for social media marketing and as Instagram influencers.

The credit of their success goes to the brilliant execution of their off-beat idea. Their clients hired them to spice up the ambiance of their events with top models, and they have been successful every time. Starting in-store, it also helps the brands display the fashion pieces via the models, which further helped bring the models in.

This is just the beginning for Runway Waiters. Having expanded all over the USA, they now aim to spread their business worldwide. Having experience with renowned brands like Gucci, Adidas, and Louis Vuitton, their doors to other exclusive brands are now wide open.

Their brand name will soon be synonymous with event models. They have taken high-end events to a whole new level. Don’t take our word for it, check out their impressive work for yourself on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

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