Russian Businesswoman and Realtor Dina Sipovich Ferry Is on to Her Next Feat- Luxurious Skin and Wellness Spa – Cosmetica Med Spa

Dina Sipovich is a Russian Superwoman! A supermom and businesswoman based in the USA. She is a well-reputed realtor, and is widely recognized for selling some of the most lavish properties, including ultra-luxe penthouses. Dina is the owner of a new med spa, Cosmetica Med Spa, situated in East Boca, which is a unique spa that aims to provide amazing services to its customers.

Talking about Cosmetica Med Spa, it is the top med spa of its kind in South Florida that provides unforgettable, and professional customer service. The spa offers services like microneedling and PRP, Botox & dermal Fillers, IV therapy, sexual wellness, hair loss, joint pain relief, and many other services related to the face and body, hair, and skin.

It has some of the latest and safest technologies through which various treatments, and therapies are conducted. The experienced medical professionals of the Cosmetica Med Spa specialize in their own unique services, and also provide excellent post-treatment care and support. Apart from being a businesswoman by day, Dina is a supermom by night. 

She dons various hats on her head. Apart from being a successful, and confident businesswoman, Dina is also a well-known actress. She is best known for her role in ‘One Life to Live’ as Becca Salzman, which was aired from 2008 to 2014. Her screen presence was just amazing, and people still remember her from the character she portrayed in the movie. That’s not all. Dina is an extremely talented artist as well. Some of her most beautiful pop art is featured in the homes in Palm Beach County. All these things have given her immense love, fame, and wealth. 

Born on December 16, 1993, in Norilsk of Russia, Dina later moved, and settled in New Jersey with her family after just a few years. From the early days of her childhood, she was an outgoing, and playful kid. She took part in various sporting events like volleyball and tennis and was a great gymnast. The young Dina was a ‘go-getter’, and she would never hesitate to indulge in any activities or events she enjoyed. 

Although she started her career as an actress in ‘One Life to Live’, she always wanted to become a dermatologist. As a child, she got amused by Biology, and art, and that is why she decided to pursue her graduation in Biochemistry. She completed her graduation, and found the love of her life, Christopher Ferry, in the year 2017. Soon, both of them got married and became parents to their first child. Dina feels grateful to have such a supportive. and helpful husband like Christopher who is always by her side and encourages her to be confident and reach for her dreams.

The couple now has 4 beautiful kids, who are their strength. With the family’s emotional and mental support, Dina can pursue her dreams, and make them a reality. The Cosmetica Med Spa, with its unique, and amazing services, is reaching greater heights, and all the credit goes to Dina and her hard-working team. She is confident that in the coming times, this luxurious med spa will become the most prominent spa of its kind in the world. 

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