Russia’s Chertkovski is all About Creating Great Music

Music has a monumental history that has evolved drastically over the last few years. There have been several trends that have reshaped the music industry. And there has been no denying that Disk Jockeying has been a phenomenon. Lately, numerous DJs have sprung up across the globe from which very few have made a successful mark with their remixes.

When we talk about incredible DJs, Aleksey Chertkovski makes it to the list whose compositions were played on reputed radio stations like DJ Mag, Europa Plus, Tomorrowland One World Radio, NRG Radio, Purified Radio, DFM Megapolis FM and Radio Record

In the past, DJ Aleksey Chertkovski has collaborated with Savaya, formerly known as Omnia. The versatile musician had undertaken several big projects of Mantra Productions, Odyssey, Reverse, Balistica, Community Russia, Cekta and etc.

With over 13 years experience in the field, the DJ is well-versed in songwriting and making original remixes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Aleksey created his musical project titled ‘Chertkovski’ which turned out to be a massive success thereby giving him an opportunity to create several other music.

Continuing his streak of entertaining the crowd with captivating music, Chertkovski in less than a year has performed at more than 50 concerts in different clubs and festivals.

His recent work was ‘Secret’, a musical track that was released on Pillar Records even bagged the top 10 position in Beatport Progressive House hype Moreover, Chertkovski’s music has been released on popular record labels like Siona Records, Area Verde, Pillar, Shango Records and INVRS UNVRS.

The diversified tracks and remixes created by the DJ have helped him become one of the eminent Russian musicians. Aleksey Chertkovski enjoys huge fanfare in Indonesia.

He rose to fame after his music was played at global events like the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, and the UEFA European Championship in 2016. The DJ for his music composition even bagged the first position at an international competition organized by the German music company Magix Music Maker.

Widely known for creating music in categories like Progressive House and Melodic Techno, he has also mastered himself in other musical categories like Downtempo and Organic House.

One of the most prominent traits of the DJ is experimenting with new music categories. During his performance in Bali, he created great music with other DJs that was widely loved by the audience.

After leaving his fans impressed in Asia, Chertkovski is expanding his horizons across the globe. In 2021, he founded Reverse Festival, a one-of-a-kind music carnival.

The maiden party under the festival was a big hit with Aleksey’s remarkable performance which was 354 metres above the ground on the roof of Moscow city. When the DJ was asked about his further plans, he concluded by saying, “The best is yet to come. I hope to bring loads of positivity and enthusiasm by creating exceptional music this year

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